Gunfire : Endless Adventure

Gunfire : Endless Adventure MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.17

App NameGunfire : Endless Adventure
Publisher Gunfire Game
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Currently, the mod is not available.

Gunfire Endless Adventure (MOD Money) is a game of the FPS genre that has just been released and created a lot of buzzes. This game brings a new world of fighting on the background of excellent 3D cel-shading style graphics that make gamers unable to take their eyes off.

About Gunfire Endless Adventure

Gunfire Game – a game publisher based in the US, famous for being the tycoon of charismatic action games. Recently, this company has released Gunfire Endless Adventure, a lightweight FPS game with attractive gameplay. It has a mix of shooting, role-playing, and trending roguelike elements. Players will transform directly into the main character and explore all the maps and surroundings. You will interact directly with things and decide whether to win or lose the quests. Also, you will constantly adventure to new lands with the task of destroying the dungeons of monsters. Let’s explore the fascinating elements you will enjoy in this game.

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You will begin your adventure in Gunfire Endless Adventure by choosing a hero to incarnate. There are many heroes with different powers for you to choose from. After selecting a character and weapon, you will participate in small battles. Your opponents are ferocious monsters with hideous shapes. Battle locations and monster numbers also change constantly, forcing you to be flexible to win them all.

When you kill the monster, you will get the corresponding reward. The higher the difficulty of the monster, the bigger the bonus you get. The better you fight and the more maps you pass, the more prizes and unique trophies you will get. While fighting, you can collect weapons to enhance your power. The number of items will drop randomly, so try to collect as many as possible.

Various weapons and equipment

Weapons and necessary equipment are important factors when a hero joins the battle. Gunfire Endless Adventure offers more than 40 quality weapons with different colors and functions for you to choose from. Each weapon will have strong points, such as creating fire or ice bullets, x2 destruction, x2 damage, etc. The cost of these weapons and equipment also varies according to their capabilities. Depending on the map and the game’s difficulty level, you can choose a suitable weapon. After owning weapons, do not forget to upgrade them to create superweapons, helping you quickly destroy monsters.

Gunfire Endless Adventure weapons

Multi-skill hero system

The heroes in Gunfire Endless Adventure are designed with their personalities with many unique skills. Each hero will have a strong point for you to exploit. They will be equipped with different combat skills and default weapons. Thus, you can use this set of equipment or create new equipment for your hero. While playing, do not forget to upgrade the heroes to achieve the highest combat efficiency.

50+ different types of monsters

The monster system in Gunfire Endless Adventure will surprise you. It was arranged from the monsters with the lowest battle level to the highest. You don’t encounter them all at once; instead, high-level monsters will also appear as you level up. They will have different shapes and attacks. Therefore, you need to be flexible in your movements to avoid their attacks. Besides, the number of bullets to destroy these monsters is also different. Some boss monsters will require you to use more ammo to kill them. Keep an eye on the battle situation and switch weapons accordingly.

Gunfire Endless Adventure gameplay

Upgrade skills and talents in combat

With basic skills, your hero can hardly trounce monsters. Therefore, you need to upgrade these skills continuously to gain rare skills. Gunfire Endless Adventure supports players with 20+ upgradable talents and 60+ upgradable skills. It would help if you used the bonus and the necessary materials to update your equipment. Depending on the level, the amount and time to wait for the update will differ. After successfully upgrading, you can directly use these skills in battle. Specific skills are x10 aiming, increasing blood, reloading quickly, breaking defenses, etc. Be flexible in using these skills to wipe out all enemies.

Switch many mysterious scenes unexpectedly

You do not play at only one location; instead, the system automatically rotates many particular locations. You will never know in advance which monster you will fight and where. More than ten bizarre scenes are interwoven to make your playing experience enjoyable. You can fight in a cold room, a basement with many mysterious statues, a dark place, etc. Move around to discover secret locations and defeat as many monsters as you can.

3D cel-shading style graphics and vivid sound

Gunfire Endless Adventure attracts gamers in attractive but straightforward gameplay and vivid graphics and sound. It is designed in cel-shading style 3D graphics with many unique effects. All weapons and heroes in the game are designed in detail and colorful. In particular, their effects are highly eye-catching and exciting in the fighting phase. It is realistic and gives you the most realistic combat experience. Besides, the mysterious scenes are also meticulously designed, bringing many surprises for you.

MOD APK of Gunfire Endless Adventure

MOD info

Currently, the mod version of the game does not exist. We will update it as soon as it is available.


Gunfire Endless Adventure allows you to experience battles that combine Roguelike, FPS, and RPG. Download the game now and wipe out all the enemies that stand in your way to victory.

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