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Gun & Dungeons MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 344

App NameGun & Dungeons
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money

Gun & Dungeons MOD APK puts you in a simulated world. Here, you will control a shooter who fights with strange monsters.

About Gun & Dungeons

Gun & Dungeons is an action game published by This is a game with exciting and attractive gameplay. More specifically, you will control a sharpshooter who fights monsters. Moreover, you can also collect equipment to increase the fighting power and decorate the character. At the same time, this is also a game that requires a lot of skills. Let’s discover more about this game with APKmazon in this article.

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Gun & Dungeons is a game with relatively simple gameplay. In this game, you will control a warrior to fight the dungeons. Your task is to destroy all monsters to win.

You can hold and slide anywhere on the smartphone screen to move the character on the map. However, he can only attack while standing still. Therefore, you must also choose a suitable position to counterattack and destroy the enemy besides moving to dodge attacks.

Game Mode

Gun & Dungeons MOD APK has two main modes that you can experience

  • Story Mode: Story Mode is a mode where you will learn about the game’s story through each chapter. More specifically, these chapters will be divided into different stages. The boss with superior power will appear in the final stages and chapters. Besides, you will be required to overcome them if you want to continue participating in the next battle.
  • Survival Mode: In this mode, you will have to survive and fight the enemy for as long as possible. Besides, you also have to fight bosses like in Story Mode. The game only ends when you run out of life force. Although it is a rather tricky mode to play, Survival Mode also brings many benefits. More specifically, you can experience rare power-ups or redeem items from the “Survival Store.”

In addition, Gun & Dungeons APK also has Event mode. However, this mode is still in development. Stay tuned, and looking forward to exciting things ahead.

Overcoming obstacles

Some rounds in Gun & Dungeons will have obstacles appearing on the map. They will hinder your movement. However, they also benefit you in some cases. More specifically, these obstacles can also block bullets and enemy movement. Therefore, you can completely hide behind those obstacles while looking for opportunities to counterattack.

Defeat the monster

Gun & Dungeons APK is a game that will require the player’s ingenuity and reflexes. You will need to dodge enemy attacks while attacking them back skillfully. You will confront strange and warlike monsters. Therefore, you must destroy them before they do things with you.

After killing monsters, they will drop random coins and equipment. You can collect them by moving closer to those locations. Every time you pass a stage, you will win valuable rewards like coins, gems, random items, and upgrade points.

Gun & Dungeons gameplay

Collect power-ups

When you kill enemies in battle, you will have a chance to collect power-up items. More specifically, these attack effects will significantly increase your combat power. There are many different power-ups in Guns & Dungeons. Therefore, you can freely choose the one that suits the match best.

In addition, the power-ups are divided into several ranks they are Heroic, Legendary, Elite, Rare, and Common. Of course, the power and effectiveness of power-ups are also ranked in this order.

However, in the early game, you can only collect up to 3 power-ups. Whenever you find a new power-up item, you can choose to keep it or discard it. Also, you can level up their ranks if you see two similar things. On the other hand, you can use more maximum power-up items when leveling up your character.

Confront the bosses

Bosses will be your biggest challenge in the game. They only appear at the end of the exact matches. Of course, the bosses will be much more prominent in size, vitality, and strength. However, they also bring a lot of valuable rewards. If you defeat the boss, it means you have successfully passed the stage.

Equip gears

Equipping gears is one of the ways to help increase your fighting ability. More specifically, you can change the character’s weapon and costume. Types of equipment in Guns & Dungeons will be rated according to their number of stars. The more stars an item has, the stronger it will be. In addition, you can monitor the stats of the equipment by tapping on it. On the other hand, equipping gear is also a way to decorate your character and make him more colorful.

Gun & Dungeons features

Playing with assistants

In Gun & Dungeons, you can choose to fight alongside a companion. They will follow you and fight the enemies with you. However, this helper will not be able to be attacked by monsters. Therefore, they will bring many benefits to you on the battlefield.

Character upgrade

Through rounds, your enemies will become stronger. Therefore, you will need to upgrade your strength to win. You will be awarded an upgrade point every time you win a stage. At this point, go to the “Talents” section on the app’s main page to upgrade your character.

There are three talent branches that you can choose to upgrade. More specifically, they are Power, Vitality, and Fortune. With each upgrade, they will bring you random effects. Thanks to that, your character will become stronger.

Upgrade equipment

Upgrading equipment is also an effective way to increase your combat power. After you have equipped your character, you can choose to upgrade them. Upgrading equipment will consume a lot of your coins. However, these benefits are significant because they will increase the character’s combat stats.

MOD APK of Gun & Dungeons

Gun & Dungeons MOD APK Unlimited Money is now available on APKmazon. Are you ready to experience it?

With this version, you can freely shop, open lucky boxes and upgrade equipment. Thanks to that, your character will become much more robust. As a result, you can easily pass the stages. What’s more, it’s also a chance for you to experience all of the game’s items.

MOD Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Ads-free


Gun & Dungeons is an attractive shooting action game on smartphones. Can you help our marksman defeat the aggressive monsters? Let’s search for the answer now. Please click the link below to download and install Gun & Dungeons MOD APK for free.

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