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Updated April 24, 2022 (4 weeks ago)
Publisher Rockstar Games
Require Android6.0 and up
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GTA: The Trilogy is a great gift for those who are fans of the Grand Theft Auto series as it brings together the perfect combination of the three most popular titles in this series including GTA 3, GTA San Andrea, and GTA Vice City. Ready to download GTA: The Trilogy APK latest version at our blog.

Introducing GTA: The Trilogy for Android

Grand Theft Auto is a monument to the world video game industry. The first version released in 1993 opened a new era for Rockstar developers when their brainchild is now the most successful video game series of all time. To date, this game series has more than 15 titles released with hundreds of millions of copies sold worldwide.

In 2002, GTA 3’s release marked a drastic transformation of the entire series when it was designed on 3D graphics and completely new gameplay. Besides the unique gameplay, players have the opportunity to move and explore a vast crime city on a variety of vehicles. Since that time, the perfect look of the series has been created. Based on this core, Rockstar continued to release GTA 3 sequels and they quickly received great success.

To celebrate GTA 3’s 20th birthday, Rockstar released a special version of the game for the entire series called GTA: The Trilogy. Accordingly, this will be a remake of the three most successful games of the series including GTA 3, GTA San Andrea, and GTA Vice City. The developer has made a lot of changes to these games to match the preferences of the gaming community at the moment. These include major graphics and gameplay upgrades while maintaining the classic look and feel of the original version.

GTA- The Trilogy apk download

Original gameplay

Most players love GTA series because of its gameplay. Going beyond traditional gameplay characteristics and social rules, the game allows you to become a criminal in the underworld. The game turns players into people living outside the law when allowing them to participate in robberies, weapons smuggling, gang purges … and many other illegal activities.

It is difficult to accurately describe the gameplay genre of Grand Theft Auto. It has the characteristics of an action game that combines elements of role-playing, adventure, driving, and simulation. The GTA series is one of the few video games that dared to portray the dark side of American society. Although the backgrounds take place in fictional cities, most of them are based on inspiration from real locations in the United States. Despite receiving a lot of negative feedback about the ethics of game content, hundreds of millions of game discs have been sold globally to make GTA the most successful video game series in the history of the industry.

Each version of the series often has a different main character and background, but they have things in common that we can easily see. Those are the stories in the game that revolve around the life of the main character, a member of the bottom of society. He does everything to rise up in society for a better life. On this path in search of fame, he must participate in dangerous missions, fighting other forces in the underworld. If you are a player who likes the side of justice in video games, the GTA game is probably not for you. To have freedom in this virtual world, the developer has generously allowed you to do things, even if they are full of violence and crime.

In GTA: The Trilogy, the core gameplay remains the same as in the original games. Besides, the developer also made some tweaks to optimize the player’s playing experience on different platforms. For example, on the mobile version, the game control system has been optimized for touch screens.

Huge upgrade in graphics

You know, GTA 3 was released almost 20 years ago. During this time there have been incredible changes in graphics technology in the video game industry. We can easily see that the graphics of these games are outdated. Although the gameplay experience is still great, we need to upgrade the graphics to make everything perfect.

Yes, we’re talking about the game’s graphical upgrade almost 20 years after it was released, and that has come true in GTA: The Trilogy. There are major upgrades to the game’s graphics to make it a true AAA game.

Available for all platforms

Rockstar says that GTA: The Trilogy will be available for most popular gaming platforms today including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Rockstar Game Launcher on PC and Mobile (Android and iOS). In which the console versions will be officially available on the app market at the end of 2021. The mobile version will be quickly completed for release in early 2022.


After all, GTA: The Trilogy is definitely a gift for those who are fans of the GTA series. You will have a great playing experience with original gameplay and improved graphics. The game is now officially confirmed and released across platforms. We will update the download link for the Android version as soon as it is officially released on the Play Store.

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