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GTA 4 Mobile is one of the most successful titles in the GTA series. It has been more than 10 years since this game was released, it is still one of the monuments of the gaming industry.

About Grand Theft Auto 4

Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4) is an open-world action-adventure game developed and published by Rockstar Games. This is the sequel to GTA San Andrea. If you are a fan of the GTA series, you definitely cannot ignore this title. The game was first published in late 2008 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows. So far, the mobile version of Grand Theft Auto 4 has not been officially confirmed by the developer, but we can hope that it will be available on Android and iOS soon.

Grand Theft Auto 4 is one of the highest-selling games in the GTA series with over 25 million copies sold worldwide. The game also received a lot of positive reviews from reputable game magazines such as GameSpot, Gematsu, Destructoid, GameFAQs… Besides a new storyline and a new character system, GTA 4 also brings a lot of valuable improvements in graphics and gameplay.


The context of Grand Theft Auto 4 takes place in the beautiful city of Liberty, which is also the place where GTA 3 takes place. The story in the game revolves around the main character Niko Bellic, a former Yugoslav warrior. After retiring, he came to America to settle down and look for opportunities to earn money for a new life. Bellic moves into his brother’s house, Roman Bellic, hoping to return to a peaceful life. And most importantly, he wants to get rid of the dark past that has haunted him since the bloody wars in Serbia. However, things did not go as expected. Roman lied about the fortune he owned. He is a gambler and drug addict, carrying a huge debt from the casinos. Niko couldn’t find a suitable job to live on, so he committed some illegal actions.

Vladimir Glebov, Roman’s Russian creditor, asks Niko to work for him to clear Roman’s debt. During a mission, Niko discovers that Roman’s wife is having an affair with Vladimir, and in a rage, Niko shoots him dead. At this time, Mikhail Faustin, the head of the underworld, hired Niko to work for him. With the experience of a veteran, Niko has to participate in a lot of assassination missions, gun battles, and weapons smuggling. Will Niko be able to escape the underworld and find a peaceful life for herself after all? You will find the answer after completing this game.


If you are a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, the gameplay of GTA 4 will not disappoint you. In the game, you play Niko, a member of a criminal organization in the underworld of Liberty City. The game brings a huge task system that is detailed and logically built. All missions in GTA take place at different locations in Liberty City.

Developer Rockstar Games has built a large open world where players have the opportunity to move freely to explore locations and complete quests. There is a story that you have to follow in the game. To do this, you need to complete linear quests with specific goals to further unlock new quests and advance the storyline.

Besides the story missions, there are many interesting side quests that you have the opportunity to explore. Completing side quests is also a way for you to expand the map and earn bonuses to buy equipment.

Various weapon systems

As a criminal in the underworld, you need to be armed to fight enemies in dangerous missions. Grand Theft Auto IV has 16 different weapons. Similar to previous titles, each weapon in the game is divided into two power levels. Of course, the weapon is not available from the start of the game. They are spawned in locations on the map that you need to move to exactly that location to get.

In some cases, the weapons provided by the NPC will be randomly dropped on the ground and they emit slight orange light. With system weapons, they emit red light. You don’t have to kill an NPC or opponents to get their weapons; Instead, the game offers a new mechanic that allows you to disarm your opponent by performing a counter-attack or a precise shot.

Weapons in the game do not have specific names for each model, instead, they are given generic names. Here is a list of all the weapons in the game:

  • Baseball Bat
  • Combat Pistol (Desert Eagle Mark XIX)
  • Pistol (Glock 22)
  • Pump Shotgun (Ithaca Model 37 “Stakeout”)
  • Combat Shotgun (Remington 1100 TAC 4)
  • SMG (SW MP-10)
  • Micro SMG (IMI Micro Uzi)
  • Assault Rifle (AK-47)
  • Carbine Rifle (Cold M4A1)
  • Sniper Rifle (Remington 700)
  • Combat Sniper (HK PSG-1)
  • RPG (RPG-7)
  • Molotov
  • M26A1
  • Poolclue
  • Knife


There are many different types of terrain in the game so each type is suitable for certain types of vehicles. For example, if you want to go to sea, you need to use a ship or canoe while some missions in the sky require you to use an airplane. Cars are the most popular vehicle in GTA 4. This is understandable because the ground occupies most of the area in the game map. There are many different cars in the game and they are categorized including sports cars/ supercars, two-door cars, Muscle Cars, Four-Door Sedans, Crossovers…

Explore Liberty City

As we mentioned, GTA 4 is set in Liberty City, a large and familiar city if you’ve played GTA titles before. Liberty is a virtual city built by the developer based on inspiration from the boroughs of New York City.

Liberty City is a beautiful city with skyscrapers, farms, grasslands, and romantic beaches. But it is not peaceful. The whole city is covered with fear while instability and danger are everywhere. This is the land of criminals in the underworld where bloody purges and many other illegal activities take place.

Liberty is divided into four districts: Algonquin, Broker, Dukes, and Bohan – each with its own unique topographical features. Algonquin is a place of skyscrapers while Bohan is impressed by beautiful beaches and many hot girls. Grand Theft Auto 4 allows players to freely move between locations in the city. No limits are set. You can sit in a car and drive around to see everything, or visit famous places in the city such as churches, parks, goddess statues…

Impressive graphics

Grand Theft Auto 4 had amazing graphics at the time of its release. Rock Stars has designed an extremely majestic and detailed Liberty city with skyscrapers, bars, parks, beaches… Most players are satisfied with GTA 4’s graphics. In addition to the details in the design, the movements of the characters and the people in the city are also simulated completely. The explosion effects in the battles are also very impressive.

About Grand Theft Auto 4 – GTA 4 Mobile

Does a mobile version of GTA 4 exist?

Rockstar Game has completed projects to release some of their GTA series titles to mobile platforms including GTA 3, GTA San Andreas, GTA Liberty City Stories…Unfortunately, GTA 4 is not on this list. As of the time of publication of this article, GTA 4 is only available for the following platforms: Play Station 3, Xbox 360, and Windows. So if you are looking for an official GTA 4 mobile version from the developer, you will be disappointed because it does not exist.

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