GrandChase APK MOD v1.14.9 download for Android

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GrandChase 1


  • Publisher: KOG Studios
  • Platforms: Android 4.2+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 61M
  • Latest Version: 1.14.9
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: April 15, 2019

Grand Chase is an exciting MMORPG that was released several years ago on the PC platform by Korea’s KOG Studios. After achieving a certain success that is 20 million players around the world, KOG Studios has released this super role-playing game on the mobile platform so that players can experience the game easily.

GrandChase 1

This mobile version of GrandChase has just been officially released in late November. The game was launched on Google Play last August as a subscription for pre-register. And now that the game has officially released, registered players will receive valuable gifts from the developer. Is the GrandChase mobile the same as the PC version? Could it get the favor of players? Let’s go through the review below of ApkMazon to find it out.

GrandChase – KOG’s super hit MMORPG on mobile now

The content of the game

GrandChase is based on the previous version for PC, which was first released in 2003 by KOG Studios and supported the PC platform for totally free. Accordingly, the GrandChase game will develop the next version of the PC version with the gameplay that does not change.

GrandChase 2

In the context, GrandChase mobile game will continue to tell about the adventures of the Grand Chase group originated by three Elesis, Lire and Arme, who departed from Bermesiah to find the witch Kaze’aze. This witch is the cause of the civil war between the two kingdoms, Serdin and Kanavan. Joining the game, you will have the task to find and collect more heroes from more than 70 characters in the system to combine many unique teams of your own and overcome the challenge.

Role-playing gameplay

The game GrandChase APK will remain the same familiar role-playing game as the original 15 years ago. Accordingly, you will get involved in a lot of different game modes. The two main game modes are PvE, in which you will play according to the plot and the real-time PvP mode. Like other role-playing games, GrandChase mobile will still require you to collect characters, develop and upgrade their power. After that, you will group them into groups for easy command and control. Just by pressing and dragging, you can make the player change the battle situation.

GrandChase 3

The tactical factor in GrandChase APK is also very important, which have big effects on the outcome of the game. So you have to pay attention to the tactics in terms of time, combo skill, target selection, and skill orientation. These factors will directly affect your battle. And you are the one who decides the game result when you have to directly set out the tactics. In addition to the story mode, real-time PvP, you can choose a unique game mode that will gather all over 100 monsters and you need to kill them in one time. But whether you can do it or not, it cannot be confirmed, this is not an easy game mode at all.

GrandChase 4

Normal graphics

The game GrandChase APK is not highly appreciated in the image when it’s only equipped with 2D graphics landscape screen. However, with bright colors and eye-catching visual effects, you’ll have a pretty impressive experience. With cute cartoon-style graphics, the game will be suitable for more players. In general, the graphics of this GrandChase mobile version are not impressive nor new compared to the original version.

Download GrandChase APK

GrandChase APK mobile version is highly appreciated by players with the attractive tactical role-playing element, although the graphics are nothing special. Up to date, GrandChase has received over 20,000 positive reviews from players across the world through the Google Play store. After several days of release, it has also received over 500,000 downloads, a quite impressive number If you love the classic tactical role-playing game, you can download the GrandChase game from the link below.

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