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Recently, videos of random fingerpick games are becoming more and more attractive and everyone wants to download this game to try. Gotcha was created to assist users in “finding the luckiest player” by placing their fingers on the screen.

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Gotcha is also known as a random fingerpick game. Through playing, many participants at the same time can place their fingers on the screen and the application will select random people. It will randomly show the only person selected. This tool is quite interesting and does not have any bias. We can set up the selection modes and in a short time, we will know who the right person is. Besides, it also gives you a lot of fun modes for you and your friends to have unforgettable moments.


Random ranking

Are there many members of your team who want to win a race? Is there any way to divide the order? If you can’t find the way, let Gotcha help you. In the main interface, look at the ranking. You can choose it and set up the ranking with several positions of three or two. Then, everyone keeps the fingers on the screen and waits for some second. A result of orders will appear randomly. It depends on the luck soo nobody can ignore it. They might be happy with the results this tool gives them. This feature is useful as it supports showing the order of a race without bringing troubles.

The fairest referee

Utilizing the multi-touch screens on phones and tablets, Gotcha acts as a referee on the selections. The playing principle is very simple. At the start, each person will place one finger on the screen. After all, fingers are placed, this tool will conduct a random one-finger selection. Since everything is random with no preset, it’s very fair. It is a useful tool for office workers when ordering lunch, for students in challenging games, or people who are participating in that need to choose the person of chance. Everything is chosen through absolute randomness and fairness.

Set the number of winners upto 5 people

When you start it for the first time, you will be taught how to play it carefully. If you are new to playing for the first time and are not sure how this tool works, follow the recommended instructions. The first is to press the screen for more than 2 seconds. For that effect, you can ask your friend to put your finger in it. Then close the interface to initiate the settings for the settings.

First of all, you need to choose the number of winners. Click the drop-down triangle icon next to number 1 to make this selection. There will be a list of numbers from 1 to 5 for you to choose from. Note for you is that you need to make sure the number of participants is more than the number of winners you have chosen. If less, it will immediately error. Remember to select a few winners as possible as it will be more interesting.

gotcha game features

Destiny circle

Displaying the chosen person in this tool is also quite interesting. As you place your fingers on the screen, you will see colorful circles. After 2 seconds, players need to let go of their hands and these colorful circles will blink continuously to choose the lucky person. The result will only be one circle left on the screen. This circle will be filled in full color and blinks continuously.

Also, depending on the number of winners you can set the settings for different circle impressions. If you want to increase the stimulus when playing, you can keep your finger and check the circle under whose finger that person will win. In general, although these circles are quite simple, their effectiveness in selecting people is unpredictable.

Choices of many funny modes

Not only offers a regular mode, but it also offers many interesting options in other modes. To change the mode to your liking, you can tap the three dashes icon, and then select a model. Some modes you can refer to are the 100% Mode to automatically divide% among the participants, Chooser will choose random winners, Ranking to randomly rank by best, Group mode to divide people into a group. History is the area to save the history of the person selected. With these modes, depending on your fun, you can choose the most appropriate one.

Automatically divided% and divided by groups

Dividing money for parties often causes people a headache because they do not know how to divide it properly. Gotcha offers% split mode with split rates according to your arrangement. You can choose to set the percentage first and then let everyone put their finger on it and start the division. Thanks to this, all members are given a random and fair share of the money. The fun now also becomes more interesting than ever.

Besides, if your group needs random membership, you can also choose group split mode with the desired number of members to create a group immediately. You can set group membership options to limit the number of people on your team.


Gotcha is proving its appeal in choosing “lucky” players. Download now to have fun with your friends without getting bored.

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