GMA Legends MOD APK (NO)

App NameGMA Legends
Publisher Moonton
Require6.0 and up

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About GMA Legends

Inspired by popular MOBA games on PC, developer Moonton created GMA Legends for the mobile platform. It is a fun MOBA game with many functions that competes with other popular MOBA games like Dota 2, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Vainglory, Wild Rift, etc.

The game has the core functions of a traditional MOBA, including competitive game modes, maps, heroes, classes, and upgraded talents. Ranked matches in the game occur in real-time, where you and four other players will fight the opposing team. Your mission is to destroy the opponent’s tower to win.

GMA Legends presents a diverse collection of heroes with over 100 available characters. They consist of 5 different layers. Some typical heroes for classes are Gloo, Faramis, Eudora, Floryn, Franco, Freya, Grock, Gusion, Hanabi, Hanzo, Harley, Helcurt, Hylos, and Irithel. Heroes have special skill sets that come with unique looks. You can unlock skins to change the appearance of heroes. Of course, skins do not give an advantage in battle.

gma legends apk unlimited money
gma legends apk unlimited money

GMA Legends offers balance in every ranked battle. You must completely rely on individual skills and team-ups to win. Each hero has distinct skill sets with specific strengths and weaknesses. No hero has superior strength and overwhelming skill compared to the rest. Therefore, you will need a lot of time to experiment with different heroes. You will rank up when you find a hero that suits your playing style.

If you are looking for a competitive and fair MOBA, GMA Legends is the top choice.


GMA Legends is a competitive online MOBA game with millions of players worldwide. Besides attractive gameplay, the game has high-quality graphics. The developer regularly makes tweaks to ensure balance in battles.

The principle of play is the same as most other traditional MOBA as you play with teammates in real-time match. Matches have no time limit until one team wins. You will control your hero to move on a square map with three separate areas. Your team’s task is to find ways to destroy the opponent’s tower. Each hero has a specific role in the battle and usually moves in a specific area. It depends on the hero class you choose. Each match needs enough heroes for the roles, including tank, support, mage, etc.

The heroes in the game are divided into classes. Each class plays a specific role in battle. Every hero has their own attributIt would help if youacollectedskill tree. You must collect gold during the battle to upgrade or unlock new skills. As a hero levels up and unlocks special skills, he can give the team an advantage.

The game is based on ELO points to rank players. Elo increases when you win, and it will be deducted if you lose in ranked matches. When you reach milestone points, you will rank up.

gma legends apk 2022
gma legends apk 2022

Unique hero classes

As we mentioned, GMA Legends’ heroes collection now has 120 units. Each hero has its own unique attribute points and skill tree. Based on the roles in the battle, the heroes are divided into five different classes. These include:

  • Support. This class allows you to restore health to yourself and other heroes on the team. The common feature is low HP, agility, and standing at the back of the team when fighting.
  • Tanks. The character class has overwhelming power. They are always at the top of the team when fighting. Tank has a high ability to absorb damage from opponents, attacks that deal great damage but move slowly and are countered by some specific attributes.
  • Fighter. The character class has balanced stats. Heroes of this class have medium speed and poor damage tolerance but can deal high damage to close-range attacks.
  • Magician. These heroes can deal damage from a distance with magical attacks. Damage dealt is low. The mages have a wide attack range but low HP, so they should use a tank to support when fighting.
  • Assassin. The character class can deal great damage at high speed. The target of assassinations is the opponent’s support heroes trying to replenish the team’s HP.

All heroes in GMA Legends are classified based on their roles during matches. However, each of them has unique stats and skills. Try out different heroes to find the right one for your favorite play style.

Multiple game modes to explore

Besides the must-have ranked mode, like every other MOBA game, GMA Legends introduces many different game modes for you to explore. Each game mode will have rules you need to know to win.

  • Classic. This is the traditional game mode on GMA Legends. Real-time 5vs5 matches are played on one of the three main maps. Unlimited time. Your goal is to destroy your opponent’s tower before they do it to your team. When your hero is killed, he needs a freeze time to be summoned again.
  • Rating. The rules are similar to the classic mode, but the competition is much higher. You will be teamed up in this mode with other players with equal ELO points. Winning the ranked match will bring you special gift packs and experience points. The more experience points you have, the higher you rank on the leaderboard.
  • Play against AI. This is the perfect game mode for newbies. It is the right choice if you want to learn how to play, try heroes, and test new strategies. You will play against opponents who are bots.
  • Arcade. Casual game mode with many different levels. Enjoying battles in this mode is the way to keep the game fresh.
  • Custom. Want to play custom matches with your friends? This is the mode you need. It allows you to set the rules for the battle, choose the map and make many other customizations. Then you can invite your friends to join.

Different game modes ensure your playing experience is always fresh. Besides competitive ranked matches, you can relax in custom mode or hone your skills with Bots.

High-quality graphics

Another great point comes from the design of the heroes in the game. There are more than 100 different heroes in the collection; All of them are uniquely shaped with costumes and animations. As soon as you change the hero’s skin, the appearance and combat effects change immediately.

MOD APK of GMA Legends

GMA Legends APK MOD is available on our blog. The mod feature allows you to use unlimited in-game currency to unlock new skins and heroes. If you want the best gaming experience with GMA Legends, download its latest mod now.


GMA Legends is the perfect choice for fans of MOBA games. The game has unique gameplay, a diverse hero system, and top-notch graphics.

The game is available for Android and is free to download.

Download GMA Legends MOD APK (NO)

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
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  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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