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App Details

  • Publisher: Hour Games
  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3+ iOS+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 69MB
  • Latest Version: 1.0.5
  • Date Updated: May 4, 2018

Recently, the publisher Hour Games has brought to the gaming community a fascinating new strategy game called Glory of Thrones: War of Conquest. This new game was released in late April and supports for two mobile platforms Android, iOS for completely free. This is a highly tactical game developed based on a sharp 3D graphic, promising to be a hit game in the near future.

Glory of Thrones War of Conquest 1

Review Glory of Thrones: War of Conquest – New tactical game


When it comes to the world of Glory of Thrones: War of Conquest, you will take the role of a monarch, but initially, your kingdom is small and poor and really needs a real leader. So your mission is to develop your kingdom and make it grow stronger. And gradually you can bring your troops to attack the neighboring kingdom. Whether the kingdom can grow and become a revered kingdom or not, it all depends on your leadership.

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Build a mighty kingdom

Just like any other strategy game, the first thing you need to do is to create small buildings for people to live and work for you. Gradually you will have to collect resources, grow the economy to be ready for the development of the kingdom. Then you could be able to earn some money and upgrade the small houses into large buildings to give players more benefits. While upgrading into the high-level buildings, it requires a lot of time and material, you can also use diamonds to shorten the time and complete the works.

Glory of Thrones War of Conquest 3

In order to exploit more resources, you need to get your people to explore new lands. Then you’ll have to start building weapons, establishing the military forces to grow your kingdom up. When you take your people and troops to exploit new lands, you will be able to clash with the army of your neighbors and you should be careful. So building a strong military system is very important, it directly affects the survival of the kingdom you govern. To get the certainty, you can alliance with other kingdoms to have a powerful defense of your kingdom.

Glory of Thrones War of Conquest 4

Facing the enemy

Just like the same genre games, the enemies you need to take care of are the neighboring kingdoms. You can choose the aggressive tactics to attack them or to defend from their attacks. A new point in the game Glory of Thrones: War of Conquest is that you also have to confront the monsters and ghosts which can appear everywhere. If they cross the wall, the whole kingdom will collapse. So use the brave warriors to fight and protect the kingdom.

Tactical gameplay

The game will give you two main modes of play based on the storyline PvE, so you can complete the assigned tasks, assignments. The other mode is real-time PvP which allows you to show off and compare your tactics skills with other players. With Glory of Thrones: War of Conquest you can show off your great strategic talent. Because the military system is divided into many types such as gladiators, gunners, shamans, tanks, … each team opens up a whole new tactic. You will rely on these factors to create your own tactics. The fact that a stronger kingdom of power will dominate the game, but tactics are more important. If your kingdom is strong but no good tactics can take the unexpected defeat.

Graphics and sound

The game Glory of Thrones: The War of Conquest does not have many differences from other strategy games. However, with a fun and colorful scheme that skillfully simulates everything, the game will make you can not stop playing it. Long time without feeling boring. In addition to the sound system as the trumpet, swords on the battlefield make players feel like they are directly getting involved in the battle.

Download Glory of Thrones: War of Conquest V1.0.4

Overall, Glory of Thrones: War of Conquest is a great strategy game that is really well invested and totally worth the experience. The game was released a few days ago but has received a lot of attention from gamers all over the world. If you are interested you can download the game experience from the link below of ApkMod