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Glory Ages Samurais 1

Glory Ages – Samurais is a new action role-playing game released just a few days ago by NoTriple-A Games. It’s currently played by so many players around the world. This game is now available for free on Google Play so players can easily download it. Before downloading the game, please refer to the article below to better understand the gameplay, graphics as well as some outstanding features of this game.

Glory Ages Samurais 1

Attractive action gameplay

The game Glory Ages – Samurais has an interesting role-playing style with a variety of game modes. It’s quite easy to guess the content of this game through its name, right? This is going to be a great fight between samurai. You will play as a samurai to start the battle in the game, your opponent will be the other samurai already set up by the system. Do not think that playing with the machine will be simple. With modern AI systems, your opponents have the ability to dodge, extremely annoying attack, so you may not be able to beat it.

Glory Ages Samurais 2

Your opponent system is very diverse in terms of combat ability, with good attacking opponents. There will be a strong one with less blood, and the weaker ones will more blood, but not effective at attacking … So you need to clearly understand the kinds of samurai to give a reasonable tactic when fighting with them. When you defeat a certain number of enemies, you can enter the Fury Mode to increase your attack power in a short time and destroy the enemies in your path. You can choose one of the game modes such as 1v1 battles, boss battles or 1 vs 10.

Glory Ages Samurais 3

In addition to the basic combat skills available in each samurai, you also have to equip your character with good weapons to get the full power of the samurai. The game Glory Ages – Samurais will bring you a very diverse weapons system to equip your character.

Lively graphics

Another strong point of the game Glory Ages – Samurais is that its graphics are built on a beautiful 3D platform. Every battle in the game takes place in gorgeous fields with full of grass and flowers. The physical system is also very lively that you can almost feel the wind blowing through and vibrate the grass. The flexible moves, smooth movements of the character and the background are very colorful but do not make you confused. It still focuses so much on the gameplay.

Glory Ages Samurais 4

Download Glory Ages – Samurais APK

Glory Ages – Samurais brings an exciting new samurai fighting style that surely can make you excited. However, many players expect the game Glory Ages – Samurais will be updated with the real-time PvP feature so that all players can fight with each other, not just playing with the machine. Here is the download link Glory Ages – Samurais for you to choose for your device.

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