GFX Tool Pro – Game Booster
GFX Tool Pro – Game Booster

GFX Tool Pro - Game Booster MOD APK (Paid) 31.5.1

Best customizable GFX Tool for optimizing graphic performance for Battleground

App NameGFX Tool Pro - Game Booster
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About GFX Tool Pro

PUBG Mobile is already one of the most popular games in the world, but for it to work effectively, the smartphone it is played on has to be rather powerful. GFX Tool Pro is a graphics tool that provides a solution to customers searching for more fluid visuals with a higher level of detail than the in-game options. This program may improve the visual system, which can also bring gaming to a whole new level. In this post, we will discuss the characteristics of the GFX Tool Pro as well as the advantages of using it.

The elements that make up the GFX Tool Pro

The GFX Tool Pro is an all-inclusive graphics tool that provides a wide variety of functions, including the following:

  • 1080 Resolution Players can alter the game’s resolution to 1080 pixels.
  • HDR Game Graphics Players using low-end devices can unlock HDR visuals for game use.
  • Extreme Frames Per Second: Players can unlock the Extreme FPS level to enjoy a more fluid gameplay experience.
  • The graphical style can be altered according to the user’s preferences.
  • Users have the option to either enable or disable the shadow.
  • Anti-aliasing can be enabled or disabled by the user in 4xMSAA.
  • MSAA Level: The MSAA Level is a selectable option for users.
  • Light Effects: Users can turn off light effects to improve performance.
  • GPU Optimization Users have the opportunity to enable GPU optimization, which will minimize effects that aren’t necessary.

The GFX Tool Pro of How to Utilize Them

Using the GFX Tool Pro is an essential and uncomplicated process:

  • Turn on the GFX Tool Pro.
  • Choose the appropriate version of the game.
  • Choose settings according to the amount of Memory and graphics support your phone offers.
  • After clicking the Apply Settings button, you may begin playing the game.

Voila! Experience visuals that are flawless and free of any latency.

New Service Provisioning is Available Via Crosshair

GFX Tool Pro has recently released a new service feature called CROSSHAIR, which puts a crosshair pointer over all apps, including popular first-person shooter (FPS) games like Battleground. This function is analogous to other crosshair utilities seen on PC. This feature improves the sight in any first-person shooter game, including battlegrounds, by allowing the player to customize the crosshair’s colors, size, opacity, and design.

Simple and Straightforward Integration with the Gaming System

The ability of GFX Tool Pro to link into the primary PUBG Mobile system and provide players with the option to personalize all aspects of the game in real-time directly is the first advantage of using GFX Tool Pro. Its impact will likewise affect every in-game parameter, but it will do so with increased performance and detail to fulfill the unique requirements of each user. In addition, they get unrestricted access to the program at any time and from any location, allowing them to make the most of any visuals or system customizations that are superior to those found in-game.

Automatically Optimize Graphics While Maintaining a Stable Experience

The visual optimization done by GFX Tool Pro is superior to the in-game options and comes closer to being ideal. It is pretty detailed, and it is ready to sacrifice some of the user experience to achieve more reliability. To make things run more smoothly and to ensure that users may play the device for extended periods without experiencing significant adverse effects, a great deal of the character movements and aesthetics will be deleted. Also, the process of optimizing the visuals is automated, and it comes with a large number of fine adjustments that allow users to modify certain functions.

Raise the bar for the overall quality of the graphics

GFX Tool Pro is used by many people when it comes to optimizing visuals, but it may take the graphics to new heights compared to when you’re playing the game. To achieve the desired level of image quality, it will directly interface with many functions or systems, then push everything to its absolute limit, causing the device to consume more power than it usually would. In addition, players can improve the experience by increasing the frame rate per second (FPS), as many devices include in-game options that cap particular FPS levels.

Improve your gaming experience by customizing your crosshair

Users can manually alter the crosshair for additional excitement when the default crosshair is too old. This function is available in addition to the options to change the visual quality. They can also change their hue or size to better focus on their surroundings while taking advantage of the terrain or when dealing with complex scenarios. Because everyone has their specific preferences when it comes to modifying their crosshair, users can freely adjust a variety of settings to achieve the most fluid and pleasant gaming possible.

Customize the Whole Control System by Making Further Adjustments

The fact that all of the settings in GFX Tool Pro are distinct from those of the game itself, yet nevertheless have a substantial bearing on the experience for everyone, is the feature that I like best. This includes configurations for moving about or engaging with the surroundings, and the program also enables users to establish various profiles, facilitating free and fluid transitions between states. People will be able to dive down into the settings more deeply than ever, thanks to the many features that, while enabling certain things, simultaneously deactivate other things.


Any player of PUBG Mobile who wants their gameplay experience to be improved and their visuals to run more smoothly should download the GFX Tool Pro app. Users can take their games to the next level because of their unique features and the alternatives it provides for personalization. A key benefit is the application’s capacity to interface with the primary PUBG Mobile system and automatically optimize visuals while maintaining a reliable gameplay experience. In addition, the program enables users to customize not just the crosshairs but also the entire control system with other modifications, which results in a significantly improved experience for the user. In conclusion, it is essential to point out that GFX Tool Pro is not connected to any software or firm made by a third party and was created just for a particular game.

Go no further than GFX Tool Pro if you are searching for a graphical solution that will enhance the overall quality of your experience while playing PUBG Mobile. It is trusted by a large number of PUBG Mobile gamers throughout the world and is extensively utilized.

Download GFX Tool Pro - Game Booster MOD APK (Paid) 31.5.1

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