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App NameGetcontact
Publisher Getverify LDA
Require5.0 and up
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Too many phone calls come to you, and you don’t know the important phone call and the spam phone call? Let Getcontact help you do that by identifying, alerting, and blocking unwanted spam calls.

About Getcontact App

Getcontact is an app for blocking Spam and Smart Caller Identity. It filters annoying calls and allows only those you want to contact you. To use this application, you need to use your phone number to register for an account. Once your account is created successfully, its powerful call filter will help you identify and filter unwanted calls and only trusted contacts. It also acts as a contact management application, allowing users to manage incoming calls, miss calls, and call from unknown numbers easily and quickly. It analyzes thousands of calls with security reinforced daily to detect phishing and spam calls and keep users from being disturbed.

Getcontact features

Identify call identities and block spam

With phone numbers not saved in contacts, users can define the identity of calls that they receive. All information about that phone number will be displayed on the screen, whether it is a phone number in your contacts or not. The information displayed includes the phone number, call the location and sometimes the name of the caller. Besides, if you receive an unwanted call with unknown phone numbers or spam, it will display an alert immediately. As a result, you will avoid wasting time with robot calls, marketing and scams, and your device is always in a safe state.

Call blocking and reporting

When you receive an unwanted call, whether it is a telemarketer or a fraudster, incoming calls from unsaved numbers, you will be alerted and authorized. It’s time for you to decide whether to pick up the phone or not. When warned and know it is some spam, report it immediately. Not only does it help protect you, but it also helps save millions of other users. When reporting spam phone numbers, others will also be alerted to an unwanted call. In this way, with each daily report Getcontact can create a global database of spam calls, spam calls to protect users. Besides, don’t forget to enable Spam Protection to get automatic protection against any unwanted calls.

See what others save your number by tags

The tag is another cool spot that this app offers to its users. It helps to enhance the profile database by verifying and validating contacts. Also, you can link with others by adding, editing or deleting tags. Every time you receive a phone call, you can save it if it is a familiar number you have not committed. These cards are great for service companies that let you keep track of them, like electricians, planners or repairers.

Plus, these tags are displayed when other people search for the phone number they called in their toolbar. It only takes a few seconds to add a tag, and you can save a number and help others know who it is. Alternatively, you can also see what names people save your phone number by opening the settings and selecting a personal tag to check. You will find a few surprises.

Trust Score

To find out if a phone number is trustworthy, you can search for their trust score. Trust scores are rated based on the latest user response and calculated by the AI engine. Each phone number will have its trust score, and you can also know how much your trust score is. To view scores, at the main screen, click on the category and look for credit scores. This tool is handy in case you want to do business with someone and need to check that the phone number they use is secure and reliable or not.

Smart and easy to use interface

As a manager for contacts and phone calls, the interface is smart and easy to use. You will see Feed, Call History, and search history. There are also spam, other, and dial sections for you to dial when needed. In the Feed section, you will also see all the tags you have set for phone numbers. Besides, the application also shows statistics allowing users to track the frequency chart of their phone calls. To search for new phone numbers, enter them in the search toolbar. If you want to review the history of old calls, tap the call history and see.

Tips: Easily manage calls and block spam messages with Truecaller Premium.

Getcontact Premium

The free version may not please you; why not try the Premium version? When you decide to spend money on this monthly plan, you upgrade your monthly search limit to 300 phone numbers. For tag viewing, too, the monthly limit is 40, so you’ll be able to see who has viewed your tags. Besides, during use, you will not be bothered by ads. The Premium plan also gives you your Profile and Search statistics, and your profile gets a Premium badge. You can check out the Professional package for more advanced features related to trust score and earning new badges.


Don’t let spam and unnecessary calls disturb your time; download Getcontact now for protection and quickly determine whether to pick up your phone or not.

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