Gas Station Junkyard Simulator

Gas Station Junkyard Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 10.0.62

App NameGas Station Junkyard Simulator
Publisher Mighty Game Studio
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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An opportunity to get rich is opening up for you in Gas Station Junkyard Simulator MOD APK: build and develop a gas station in the desert. Grab this chance and become the boss in this Simulator game.

About Gas Station Junkyard Simulator

Gas Station Junkyard Simulator is an impressive simulation game developed by Mighty Game Studio. This business simulator game will help you gain more business knowledge and experience. You will be the first one providing utilities such as gas stations, car washes, car tuning, and other services to the residents living in this desert.

Moreover, you can work hard to develop this small gas station into a professional car care center. Your path to becoming an oil boss will be brighter. Do not pass up any money-making opportunities that appear in this business game.

Renovate and develop an abandoned gas station

Gas Station Junkyard Simulator challenges players to an abandoned gas station in a scrapyard. It forces you to build and renovate this abandoned gas station if you want to profit from it. You need to use a lot of money and effort to equip the necessary equipment for the gas station. This game will give you an initial amount to renovate this gas station and start a business.

Besides the renovation, you must regularly clean this gas station to make it more eye-catching. When the business is profitable, do not forget to decorate the gas station and retrofit the necessary items. You can add gas stations to serve more customers.

Serve your customers as fast as possible

Once the gas station renovation is complete, you can start welcoming your first guests to Gas Station Junkyard Simulator. Your gas station will service various vehicles such as trucks, buses, or cars. They are crucial because the gas station’s reputation will be judged on how you please them. You have to act and manage time to serve customers well. You will be the one to directly serve your customers from refueling to picking up the items they require.

In the beginning, your customers will not come often. They will come unexpectedly, and if you don’t serve them in time, you will lose customers and money. Plus, if their review score for your store is lower, your station’s reputation will be affected. Therefore, you must be observed inside and outside the store to serve your customers quickly. Do not keep your customers waiting and make them uncomfortable and leave.

Refill gasoline for the next serving

Your gas station in Gas Station Junkyard Simulator must always be fully stocked. You won’t be able to guess when your customers visit and how many liters of gasoline they buy. Therefore, when the system signals that the material is out of stock, you need to refill it immediately. Enter the front desk and manipulate the computer screen. It will show you how to add ingredients to the station’s gas tank.

Depending on your budget, you can choose the number of liters of gasoline for the tank. The maximum capacity of each tank is 600L. The notification screen will show the remaining liters of gasoline and the number of liters of gasoline you can choose to add. Also, the total amount will be calculated for you to pay immediately. After selecting, a fuel tank will automatically come and pump gas to the tank. Always keep your gas station fully stocked to serve all customers quickly.

Level up to serve more utilities

As you level up, your business will be more favorable and expand. You can unlock power wash stations and serve more types of customers. The value of the orders also increases gradually. To level up, you need to upgrade your gas station to a garage and build more convenience stores. You can sell other car materials such as oil or necessary items. Long-distance car drivers also need energy. Therefore, sell more foods and drinks to collect more money from them. Building a convenience store in Gas Station Junkyard Simulator will help you increase sales and reputation for your store. Your customers will come more and more.

Don’t forget loans

The money to build this gas station is not yours but the gangsters in this area. Therefore, if you don’t pay back that loan, they will harm your business. You can check the loan amount in the menu and the repayment period. Let’s keep your business running to make money and repay these loans. During gas station renovation, if you don’t have enough money, you can continue to borrow for operations. However, be aware of the possibility and deadlines to avoid being bothered.

Smooth interactions and controls

You’re not just interacting with your customers. Instead, you can control and interact with everything. Gas Station Junkyard Simulator provides controls to move on the left and interact with objects on the right. As for refueling, you can press and hold to control the accuracy of the fuel. It also allows you to select and retrieve items to serve your customers. The operations are smooth and help you interact in the game easier.

MOD APK of Gas Station Junkyard Simulator

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Experience the feeling of renovating and getting rich with your gas station in Gas Station Junkyard Simulator. Download this game now and do business in the impressive open world.

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