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Referring to mobile games, you will definitely know the name of NetEase, the leading mobile game manufacturer in the world today. The manufacturer owns the world’s most popular survival games such as Rules Of Survival, Knives Out, and Fortcraft. Two months ago, NetEase introduced a strategy game called Galactic Frontline. At the time, the game only allowed you to register before and now it has officially released and you can experience it.

Galactic Frontline 1

Galactic Frontline was released in late March and is available for two major mobile platforms, Android and iOS. After the release of the official version, Galactic Frontline quickly attracted the attention of the gaming community worldwide and the number of downloads increased rapidly unexpectedly. Game Galactic Frontline is a highly addictive strategy game that takes players to real-time battles outside the dramatic universe. Let’s go to ApkMod to find out what Galactic Frontline games have in common with how to download games on your device.

Review Galactic Frontline – Universe war

Impressive background of the game

The game Galactic Frontline takes you to a fantasy world called the Galactic Frontline, where smart people have made a lot of extraordinary things, especially space-travel devices with many robots. However, that modernity created an outer space war among the tribes to assert their position and power. This place is divided into three major races: Terran, Ensari, and Zoltarians with great inventions of modern machinery. Battle through the galaxy, you are one of the mercenaries, take control of the airship and army fight the enemy to honor their race.

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Tactical gameplay

Joining the game, you will become a leader with the mission of bringing warships and armies against enemies. The game develops tactical gameplay, requires you to get the commander, arrange battle squad to assert his power. The game will take place in 1vs1 mode, two players will enter the battle in real-time dramatic and attractive. As such, you will be able to challenge players around the world to participate in epic battles in the Galactic Frontline.

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Specifically, you and your opponent will be divided into two sides of the screen, each side will have a warship as the main base with the ships, support troops. The battle begins, the two sides use the tactics, the army of rational to kill the opponent until the one that destroyed the main base ship will lose and vice versa. In a basic formation, there will be one main ship, four tactical escort ships and six combat units. Currently, there are more than 50 different combat units available for you to choose from.

Creating units of combat will require energy, the rate of energy costs, maximum energy levels, and regeneration based on time, upgrade, and map features. Therefore, the game requires you to know how to properly calculate to match the time, conditions and time. If you have the right tactics and luck, you will be the winner and you will be defeated under the opponent.

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Graphics and sound

The game Galactic Frontline has just got an attractive strategy gameplay, and is backed by a terrific 3D graphics platform. Thanks to state-of-the-art imaging technologies that have been successful in previous games, NetEase has created Galactic Frontline with amazing graphics quality. From the creation of characters, warships, … to the visual effects, everything is made perfectly. NetEase has never overlooked the graphics of its mobile games.

Galactic Frontline APK V1.0.105127- Download APK for Android, iOS

If you love a fantasy-style strategy game, then you should not miss Galactic Frontline, the latest strategy game from NetEase. Again NetEase shows that they are one of the world’s leading mobile game makers today as Galactic Frontline is rapidly gaining the attention of gamers around the world. Interested readers can download the Galactic Frontline game on their device via the link below for free to experience it.

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