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App NameFullmetal Alchemist Mobile
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The impressive storyline, engaging gameplay, and deeply built characters are the factors that make gamers look forward to the launch of Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile. This game adaptation of the popular manga will give you unique and memorable feelings and experiences.

About Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile

Inspired by the popular manga Fullmetal Alchemist, SQUARE ENIX has released a mobile game version based on the story of this manga, called Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile. The game launched in Japan in the early days of August 2022. It opens a world with many characters and thrilling stories for gamers to explore. Currently, the game only provides the Japanese language.

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The plot of the game

Following the original manga’s plot, gamers will follow the two Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, to find a way to restore their bodies. After they failed to use alchemy to revive their mother, they lost their status quo. Their appearance now was that of a giant iron knight. To regain what was lost, they must go through a difficult journey, crossing many lands with many fateful encounters. Each different land contains fragments of the status quo. Also, new episodes are added to the game for players to overcome. When completing missions and passing enough lands, gamers will see the original appearance of the chosen character.


The main gameplay in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile is JRPG, the typical style of the land of the rising sun. Players must collect different resources like RPG games to develop and upgrade their characters. The difference is that the matches in this game are more tactical than direct combat. Players will control the characters like the pieces on a mechanical board. You will get certain turns to be able to coordinate the warriors in the match actively.

The two sides will compete against each other until one side destroys all opponents. The battle doesn’t just stop at destroying all opponents. When players fight more vigorous opponents, the use of moves and moves also becomes extremely important. If you move wrong one turn, it can destroy your squad quickly.

Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile gameplay

Many impressive game modes

With the resource gathering mechanism, players have more than one game mode to experience in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile. Players can choose a story mode to uncover each episode and the secret behind each story. If you choose this game mode, you must do the required quests to explore each chapter. Each episode will have different challenges and monsters. Their power will also increase as you progress into new episodes. At the end of each chapter, you will receive valuable gifts when you complete all the tasks. It is the items that help to upgrade your character.

Besides the story mode, do not ignore the PVP game mode. This game mode attracts many gamers because of its direct combat and high competitiveness. You do not fight NVP but will directly compete with other opponents. However, you can only fight opponents of the same level. The main goal is still to gather resources and develop your squad. While fighting, pay attention to the strategy they use and the moves they make. You can rely on these actions to take down your opponent more quickly.

Characters and skills

The character system in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile closely follows the characters in the original manga, such as Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric, Solf J. Kimblee, Father, etc. A unique feature is that each character’s skills are built based on their personality traits and strengths. Each character will have four primary skills, and it will restore these skills after each turn.

Moreover, the characters are divided by the quality and have a system of mutual interaction between the elements. The five main elements include earth, water, fire, air, and wood. Characters in different quality groups will have different skills with other health and combat ability stats. Before choosing these characters, you can refer to these indicators first to select the exemplary character.

Upgrade your character’s skills and strength

When you own the character, they are only level 1 with not very high combat stats. Therefore, you must continuously collect resources to upgrade these characters’ strengths. Pay attention to the qualities of the characters because different elements need different upgrade items. Besides, you will have to pay a certain fee when you choose to upgrade. You need to accumulate this diamond and gold to upgrade the characters more smoothly. When successfully upgrading the characters, their level will increase, and the fighting power will multiply.

Impressive graphics and realistic sounds

Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile attracts players from the first scenes with impressive graphics and detailed design. Skills, visual effects, and maps are artistically rendered from context. The design and world in the game are set in the main European style, so it is built solemnly but ancient. Besides the graphics, the music in the game is also beautiful. The sound quality is always at a high level from the background music, and combat sounds or the characters’ storytelling is incredibly realistic. It offers the best experience and meets all the audiovisual needs of players.


Whether you are a gamer who is passionate about game adaptations or not, you are easily impressed by what Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile offers. Download this game now to experience great adventures through these fascinating maps.

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