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Full Screen Caller ID MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 16.1.4

Full Screen Caller ID MOD APK enables users to tailor the visual presentation and conduct of their device’s notifications for incoming, outgoing, and overlooked calls. Boasting over 5 million downloads and 50,000 premium installations, this app has emerged as a stellar substitute for the default caller screen on Android-based devices. In this discourse, we shall delve into the attributes and advantages of Full Screen Caller ID, elucidating the reasons behind its widespread popularity among Android enthusiasts.

App NameFull Screen Caller ID
Publisher Christophe Nys EURL
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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About Full Screen Caller ID

Full Screen Caller ID empowers users to tailor the visual presentation and conduct of their device’s notifications pertaining to incoming, outgoing, and overlooked calls. The app boasts an array of functionalities, including alerts for missed, incoming, and outgoing calls, customizable button colors and text, image uploading from the camera or device gallery, and video playback from local or cloud-based storage. Additionally, users can refine the caller’s appearance by adjusting the font, color, and dimensions of notifications.

Easy to set options

Upon installation, Full Screen Caller ID’s user-friendly interface renders it promptly operable. High-resolution images can be assigned within the app’s settings menu, circumventing the display of indistinct full-screen visuals. While the app is pre-installed on Android devices for contact management, it does not support the assignment of high-definition imagery. Full Screen Caller ID ensures users remain vigilant to incoming calls, as the comprehensive screen notification captures their attention instantaneously.

A Myriad Of Visual Signals Assure Unrelenting Attention To Incoming Calls

In the realm of telecommunication, Full Screen Caller ID proffers an array of indispensable elements, encompassing notifications for unattended, incoming, and outgoing calls. The quintessential allure lies in the screen-filling alerts, effectively forestalling the careless oversight of crucial calls. Enthusiasts can customize button hues and inscriptions, import images from their gadget’s camera or repository, and orchestrate videos culled from local or cloud-based sources.

The malleability of this software permits users to reshape the call notifier’s aesthetic by adjusting the alerts’ typography, chromaticity, and dimensions via the settings portal. A supplementary boon of the application, the text-to-speech mechanism, vocalizes the digits of approaching calls, enhancing user awareness.

Enhanced Adaptability And Personalization Through Android Integration And Thematic Variability Distinguish It From Peers

The Full Screen Caller ID app asserts its preeminence amidst analogous applications by many groundbreaking components. Its seamless Android assimilation stands as a salient attribute, allowing users to effortlessly discern callers through associated visuals, accessible from any application on their device.

The incorporation of theme support further bolsters the app’s capacity for bespoke personalization, catering to the diverse preferences of its user base. Providing alternative call-answering techniques, encompassing both button-pressing and screen-sliding modalities, enriches the user experience manifold.

Preserving user preferences and imagery is made feasible through the app’s backup and restore functionality, ensuring the user’s customized experience remains safeguarded. Complementing these features, Full Screen Caller ID also empowers users to proactively block troublesome contacts and take advantage of a video caller ID.

Exclusively Within The App’s Configuration Portal Can High-resolution Images Be Assigned

Upon successful installation, Full Screen Caller ID’s user-friendly interface renders it promptly operable for the user. To avert the manifestation of hazy, full-screen images, users must allocate high-resolution visuals to their contacts while employing this particular functionality. Notably, the pre-existing app on Android devices, intended for contact management, lacks support for the assignment of high-definition imagery.

MOD APK of Full Screen Caller ID

MOD Info

  • Premium Unlocked


Whether you’re looking for a replacement caller screen for your Android device or just want to personalize your phone’s appearance, Full Screen Caller ID is an excellent choice.

Download Full Screen Caller ID MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 16.1.4

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