Fuel Manager Pro (Consumption)
Fuel Manager Pro (Consumption)

Fuel Manager Pro (Consumption) MOD APK (PAID/Patched) 30.86

Check how much you spend for refueling!

App NameFuel Manager Pro (Consumption)
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About Fuel Manager Pro

The Fuel Manager Pro app is ideal if you are sick of making educated guesses about how much gasoline is left in your vehicle and if you want to get precise information about how much fuel you use in your car. It is the first application available on Google Play to provide full support for calculating the consumption of gas and petrol using a dual-fuel system. You will be able to keep an eye on how much gasoline you have left and know when you have exceeded your allotted spending limit, thanks to Fuel Manager Pro.


Fuel Manager Pro is the app everyone turns to when calculating fuel usage since it offers many functions. The application can calculate gasoline usage for either one or two tanks, providing combined and independent information. You may also obtain extensive information and comparative graphs and make projections regarding the amount of gasoline you have left. In addition, Fuel Manager Pro possesses an export and import data set, a road calculator rundown, the route cost, and the required amount of gasoline (TSV). It comes with 16 different themes and offers customizable unit and interface options. In addition, the software has widgets that facilitate the rapid entry of records and can synchronize with the cloud and between devices by utilizing the Dropbox API.

Fuel Manager Pro’s Benefits

Fuel Manager Pro is unique among applications that calculate fuel consumption since it can determine the fuel used by bi-fuel systems and provides a universal estimate of fuel consumption (full tank, milestones, calculation of residues). It also provides an estimate of the amount of petrol still in the tank, which is a crucial function that assists drivers in avoiding potential hazards on the road.


If you want the findings to be as exact as possible, you should ensure you have at least two records that may be considered “final.” These entries are filling to finish, reaching a checkpoint, or resting the tank. The more entries you have, the more periods of computation you can do, which ultimately results in more precise data. The software is constantly being updated, so if you have any questions or concerns regarding the accuracy of the calculations or anything else, feel free to email [email protected]. The developers will try to respond to your questions as promptly as possible.

New Functions Included in the Most Recent Version

If you use the most recent version of Fuel Manager Pro, you will have a flawless experience in which you will not need to worry about little mistakes that might lead to inaccurate results. The developers have made some changes to the functionality that calculates fuel, so there won’t be an omission in the log—in addition, incorporating additional information relevant to various kinds of gasoline guarantees that the app appropriately differentiates between the many different types of fuel available.

Fuel Cost Control

Fuel Manager Pro’s primary focus is to bring down the fuel cost and pinpoint exactly when you went over your budget. The application computes the cost of fuel and shows the results in a simple format. Comparison and calculation of an extra budget column can be made to provide a timely warning.

Dual-Fuel Calculation

Fuel Manager Pro is the first application to include support for the computation of dual fuels and single-fuel consumption. The existence of gas and gasoline is what is meant by the term “dual fuel,” and the driver can calculate the fuel usage for either one or both of the vehicle’s tanks. Also, you can select either combined statistics or separate statistics.

Estimating the Amount of Gasoline That Is Left

Fuel Manager Pro provides an excellent prognosis for the remaining gasoline, which allows you to avoid worrying about running out of fuel. It gives you an exact prediction of how much petrol you have left, which protects you from any potential hazards on the road.

A Rundown of the Many Calculation Tools

The calculating engine’s maximum components may be quickly and concisely summarized using Fuel Manager Pro’s excellent summary capability. You can determine the quantity of gasoline required for a journey by taking into account the distance traveled, the cost of the trip, and several other considerations. The application offers unrestricted access to comparison tables and comprehensive maps of two or more fuel types.

Other Characteristics

The Fuel Manager Pro application is the first to provide users with a genuine fuel-related experience. It makes it easier and more automated for you to monitor how much gasoline you have left and alerts you when you get close to the minimal level. The application provides unrestricted access to comparison charts and comprehensive maps of two or more fuels. It also computes the quantity of gasoline required for a journey by taking into account the distance traveled, the cost of the trip, and a great deal of other information. The application may be downloaded at no cost and allows users to build personal profiles without the risk of such profiles being hijacked by malicious users. To personalize your experience, you can select one of sixteen unique and engaging themes.


Fuel Manager Pro is a good option for you to consider if you are searching for an app that will assist you in managing both your fuel prices and use. Your fuel use may be monitored and analyzed thoroughly with the help of its features, which have been thoughtfully created. By calculating how much gasoline you have left and comparing and contrasting the prices of various fuels, Fuel Manager Pro allows you to avoid potential problems on the road and stay safe. In addition, the application does not include any advertisements, and you may select from one of sixteen unique themes to personalize your experience.

The developers responsible for Fuel Manager Pro are constantly working to improve the software and continuously searching for new methods to make it more precise and user-friendly. You may always contact them if you have any concerns or issues, and they will answer as promptly as possible to any communication you send them. In general, Fuel Manager Pro is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to monitor their gasoline use and get a handle on how much they spend on petrol.

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