From Zero to Hero: Cityman

From Zero to Hero: Cityman MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.8.5

App NameFrom Zero to Hero: Cityman
Publisher Heatherglade Publishing
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Are you looking to live a new life, in a new place, and be whoever you want to be? Everything you are looking for is in From Zero to Hero: Cityman.

About From Zero to Hero: Cityman

Everyone has their problems. Sometimes these problems are easy to solve. Sometimes these are dilemmas to which you can’t find a solution. Do you feel sad about the troubles and pressures of life? The strict management from the school and the parenting method makes you always want to breakthrough. You do not find joy in your current work and daily life. Then every day you hope to become a new version of yourself. Are you always looking for a new city where you are free to do whatever you love?

Similar to the LifeSim, this life simulation game – From Zero to Hero: Cityman allows you experience an exciting new life. You will start your journey with a young man named John Doyle. He doesn’t have anything in his hand. Plus, his life begins with the number zero. So your mission in this game is to help John on his quest to have a better life.

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Complete basic quests and upgrade lives

You need to help John meet his basic needs first. First, find him a place to stay. At first, you will not have money to rent luxury apartments. Therefore, the best option right now is the homeless shelters because it’s free. Then a simple job will help you earn money to buy food. A job as an advertising clerk for convenience stores would be a perfect fit for John. It not only helps John earn money but also helps him get free meals.

After earning money, upgrade John’s knowledge by letting him go to college. This education will make it easier for him to get better-paying jobs. At the same time, improving John’s routine, education and work will help you reach a better version. Also, you can help him get married and start a family. From Zero to Hero: Cityman is a great place to start a happy family with a beautiful wife.

Monitor character stats for maximum support

There are two indicators includes health and happiness at the top of the screen. These indicators allow you to monitor John’s condition. When these stats are low, the protagonist’s health and mental status also decrease. So if the health bar is low, you need to supplement your character’s nutrition. You can choose to give him coffee or a snack to boost his health.

If John shows a sad expression, concerts, movies or shopping will greatly improve his morale. On the other hand, sports activities also help improve the health bar. Besides, at each different age, these indicators are also different. The more pressure you are under when you grow up, the lower these stats are. Especially as you get older, these stats get lower. When either of these stats reaches 0, you will die. At this point, the game is also over.

From Zero to Hero-Cityman-features

Simple but still eye-catching 2D design

Although this game uses 2D images, its design still ensures fun and eye-catching. It does not have details like action games but the graphics are still at a good level. The character’s design is also simple. A special feature of the character is that the face always carries positive emotions and loves life. The character’s personality is also enhanced when the missions are aimed at helping him have a better life

Therefore, the colors are also quite bright. All features are clearly arranged. Each feature comes with a caption below. This annotation will clearly explain each action you need to take. This game is for ages 12+ because sometimes the plot will be a bit confusing.

Manage to spend and learn how to invest money

From Zero to Hero: Cityman helps you learn how to maximize your spending. To achieve high achievements, you need to manage your spending effectively. The main source of money will come from daily work.  If you want to make more money, you can invest your earnings in stocks, trading, and casinos. You need to be careful when investing in a casino because it can easily cause you to lose your capital.

Investing in stocks is also a good and less risky way. If you have a good investment strategy, you will quickly make a profit. Another way to earn money you can do is to log in daily, complete all available tasks and get rewards from achievements. This game is always ready to create tasks for you to earn more money.

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MOD APK of From Zero to Hero: Cityman

How to earn money without completing assigned tasks? The answer is to download the Pro version. With this version, you will get unlimited money. With the money you get, there’s nothing you can’t buy. Your billionaire dream is not far away from you. This amount also increases when you use it purposefully. Plus, ads are also blocked so you’re never disturbed while playing games.


Release the pressure of life and enjoy the new world with From Zero to Hero: Cityman. Download this simulation game now and release negative energy.

Download From Zero to Hero: Cityman MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.8.5

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