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FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK (Unlimited Money, God Mode) 3.18.0

Fun and Friendly PvP game

App NameFRAG Pro Shooter
Publisher Oh BiBi
Require5.1 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, God Mode
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About FRAG Pro Shooter

Do you like playing a fun and challenging online shooter with others? FRAG Pro Shooter is your one-stop shop. BiBi’s free-to-play first-person and third-person shooter features everything a player might want, such as control tweaks, auto-fire, and player vs. player modes. The new and improved FRAG V3 is here.

Battle it out with other players all across the world

FRAG Pro Shooter provides exciting, one-on-one battles against other gamers from all around the world. There is a 2v2 online team game for those who would rather play in a social setting. Both first- and third-person perspectives allow you to take charge of your player character. In 1v1 battles, you can experiment with any of the game’s more than 100 weapons. You’ll need to quickly switch between your five characters and employ various tactics to guide your team to victory.

Put Together Your FRAG Squad

There are more than a hundred characters to choose from, and you may give each one a unique look and boost its stats to make it the best. Combat games may be played both locally and online. If a game supports online play, it almost certainly supports multiplayer. You’ll need to strike a balance between the five heroes’ weaponry.

Success Strategies

Try out several personas until you find one that suits your play style. The heroes’ abilities are the same whether you play locally or remotely. To earn a high score, you must attack the opponent’s target; nevertheless, ambushes are often. Find out whether any of your missions have special bonuses.

Brand New Hero, Brand New Metaphor

One squad cannot keep winning forever. Modify the meta monthly with new nerfs and buffs to keep things fresh. If you prefer to shoot without an internet connection, this game has you covered there, too.

Get in on some “Hot Gun Shooting”

Beautiful online shooting sequences, including various exciting scenarios, are coming to FRAG Pro Shooter. Many players have been thrilled and excited by the game’s exceptional levels due to the highly unique and extraordinary game modes. Here, it would be best to recognize the game’s many difficult obstacles. Your enemies are always plotting new ways to track and destroy you. That’s why it’s essential to learn to be on high alert, find cover in obscure areas, and fire your weapons from a safe distance. Use the game’s customization options and your cunning to rise to the top as the best shooter in the world.

Make a Unique Community for Yourself

There are more than 90 possible characters to obtain in this game. They’re the building blocks of your squad, the people that will fire together and back each other up in every fight. Every character has a purpose, and when you put them all to work together, your team will easily triumph. The characters should also have high-quality safety gear to ensure their survival. Make regular enhancements that give the characters new abilities and make them stronger than before.

Get Your Work Done on Time, Every Time

To obtain valuable and meaningful incentives, you must regularly visit the given chores daily and execute them flawlessly. They are gifts that will aid you greatly in the battle. Undoubtedly, every participant has both a strong and a weak side. Please make the most of your abilities in the fight, and remember that you’ll need to learn to overcome your weaknesses if you want to succeed.

Acquaint yourself with a wide range of adversaries

If you can make friends and work with various enemies, you’ll advance in the game and your comprehension of the subject matter. They will give you great advice and show you how to play the game effectively. With that under your belt, you’ll be more prepared to shoot screens for FRAG Pro Shooter. You may also become a part of groups, such as hitting clubs, which consist of people interested in getting to know one another.

A Hoard of Weapons of Every Type

Players at FRAG Pro Shooter have access to hundreds of guns, each with its unique set of rich and enticing characteristics. Pick your favorite weapon and use it in combat! There will be a unique name and location of traits associated with each firearm.

Fight Games Have Millions of Fans, and You Can Join Them!

Join in on some friendly online battles with other gamers. You can use either the first or third person to direct your character. Check out the brand-new two-player mode! Collaborate with a friend or stranger to help your team win. Try any of the one hundred and more available weapons!

MOD APK version of FRAG Pro Shooter

MOD feature

Menu/God Mode, Money


FRAG Pro Shooter is a visually appealing and attractive multiplayer shooting game that allows players to enjoy exciting and different battles. There are more than 100 characters to choose from, allowing players to build their ideal team and fine-tune its appearance, abilities, and play style in pursuit of victory. The game’s unique and special levels have pleased and captivated many gamers. Use the game’s customization options and your cunning to rise to the top as the best shooter in the world. Meet other players for friendly online battles and join the millions of fighting game lovers worldwide.

Download FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK (Unlimited Money, God Mode) 3.18.0

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  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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