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Forge Defence MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.38

App NameForge Defence
Publisher Challenges Inc.
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Nightfall is the best time for monsters to threaten and attack your forge. Suggest tactics to protect your base and plan to defeat the enemy in Forge Defense now.

About Forge Defense

Forge Defense is an attractive strategy game built on the Pixel 3D platform by Challenges Inc. The game leads you on exciting defense missions against destructive monsters. These monsters are inactive during the day. They are active at night and are a hazard you need to pay attention to. They are not one but a squad of many monsters that roam every night. Their goal is to destroy everything you build for your forge. Don’t let them achieve this goal. Let’s protect your forge by building defensive towers and attacking now. The game is suitable for all gamers of all ages. You will have moments of entertainment and learn useful defense tactics while playing this game.

Forge Defence gameplay


Fans of the strategy game series certainly cannot ignore the appeal of Forge Defense’s gameplay. Its gameplay combines strategy building and tower defense. You will be the one who actively plans to build defensive and offensive towers. At the same time, you need to equip your forge with barriers, and obstacles, set up missiles, and install the necessary traps to destroy groups of enemies. There will be a timer counting down to nightfall. When the clock hits 00:00, monsters will appear and start attacking your forge.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to performing defensive and offensive operations before sunset. After this time, you cannot affect already built constructions. Take advantage of the initially available money to buy the necessary items. Then place them in positions according to the defensive strategy you have outlined. The time of sunrise is when they can no longer affect your buildings. When completing the protection mission, you will receive additional bonuses. However, if the monsters have successfully destroyed the forge before the time is over, you will lose.

Choose the game mode you like

Before starting a new game, Forge Defense allows you to choose the level you want. There are three basic levels that you can choose from easy, normal, and hard. You can only select Hard mode after you pass level 20. Each game mode will have different constructions and attacks of monsters. The best option for you is Easy mode. In this mode, you can get familiar with the interface and gameplay. Once you know the rules, you can upgrade the mode to challenge yourself and apply more attractive tactics.

Forge Defence features

Buy the necessary defense and attack items from the shop

All the items you need to protect the forge and attack the monsters are available in the shop. The game will give you an initial amount of rubies to purchase the necessary construction. In the shop, you will see the following items:


All defense support towers will appear in this category. Each tower will have a different defense structure and function, including the Crossbow Tower, Cannon Tower, Wood Wall, Stone Tower, etc. Plus, each type will have a different price. Therefore, you can consider your budget and defense strategy to choose the best defense tower.


If you focus only on defense in Forge Defense, your forge will not be able to withstand powerful attacks from enemies. Therefore, you need to raise more attack towers. You can find attack types including Thunder, Skip the Night, Shield, Potion, etc. Each attack feature will help you wipe out your enemies and limit the damage they do to your forge.


You can build sturdier smithies in the center. The more expensive the forge types, the harder their structure are to destroy. Once you’ve built strong defenses and attacks, change forges to increase your power.


Many fascinating treasures increase your defense and attack power. They come in pairs, and their protection is good. However, the amount of rubies you need to pay for them is not as cheap as you think. You need to save a lot of rubies to own these treasures.

After purchasing these items, you can choose any location in the designated area to place them. Forge Defense will provide some instructions and tips on placing these constructions. You can build on that to build effective defense and attack tactics.

Beware of monsters’ attacks

Many types of monsters with different powers in Forge Defense will attack your forge at night. They will range in size from small to large. They can go independently or in groups. Plus, they will attack in sequence from outside to inside. Their attack speed also depends on the initial playing level you choose.

During attacks, you need to pay attention to the life scale of the structure. The status bar will show the endurance level of the constructions. It will show levels from blue to red. Red is the level of danger, and the possibility of destroying that construction is high. If this status bar no longer shows color, the stronghold will be destroyed. Therefore, you need to create multiple guard rings to secure the forge in the center.

MOD APK of Forge Defence

MOD info

  • Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money to buy, upgrade and unlock in-game equipment.


Forge Defense brings a new feeling to fans of the tactical genre by combining tower defense. The game’s graphics and sounds also immerse you. Download this game right now to keep yourself entertained during your downtime.

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