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Football Star Super Striker 1

App Details

  • Publisher: Big Kraken
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+ iOS 7.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 41MB
  • Latest Version: 0.0.8
  • Date Updated: May 15, 2018

So far, we always bring you realistic and exciting soccer games with the great gameplay. But today the game that ApkMod brings to you will be an extremely entertaining football game. This game is Football Star – Super Striker, the new product of the publisher Big Kraken. Accordingly, Football Star – Super Striker will be an entertaining game with extremely simple gameplay, not a complicated football style. Let’s find out which features this game has and how to download the game offline.

Football Star Super Striker 1

Football Star – Super Striker – Big Kraken’s new entertainment game

Simple gameplay

Many players will think that this is a real-life football game but in fact, it’s just a simple game where the player just shoots the ball as strong as possible. The gamers only need to make their players shoot the ball away as far as possible. There will be a player standing in front of the ball along with a shot-bar, the arrow will continuously move in the direction of the shot and the player will adjust the time reasonably to shoot the ball straightly. The player needs to shoot the ball straightly so that the ball will fly far away. Completing each shot will give players a certain number of points according to the distance, which will be credited to unlock new players. In this way, players will experience and break their own records. Gradually, we can get higher the score when the player has improved the shot and the strong power.

Football Star Super Striker 2

The first place where the ball passes is the pitch without any obstacles, then there will be streets, forests, … with so many obstacles. If the ball hit the obstacle, it will stop and the points will be low. So when the ball flew away, the player had to control the ball so that it was not stopped by obstacles. Here ApkMod will show the player some few high-speed game tips and quickly unlock the new player.

Football Star Super Striker 3

Character system

The game Football Star – Super Striker gives players a very diverse character system and levels to pass. Especially in this player system, we will meet not only famous football stars such as Lionel Messi, Neymar JR, CR7, … but also the superheroes players from Marvel, DC. The higher the level is, the player will be able to shoot the ball further and of course will be harder to unlock. These players are shaped like a block in the famous LEGO games.

Football Star Super Striker 4

Tips and trick

If you use the regular play technique, you will not be able to score high in Football Star – Super Striker. So you can apply the following tips to get the highest score. When the arrows move, you must align to the center of the ball to make it fly straightly and achieve the Perfect, turn the ball into the fireball and it will fly further. Moreover, the fireball can destroy all objects that block it. As a result, your score will increase quickly and easily unlock new characters.

Download Football Star – Super Striker MOD APK

In general, Football Star – Super Striker games are attractive and the graphic is not so impressive, simply a 2.5D graphics. It can be seen that this game is quite similar to two famous game not long ago of Voodoo is Flying Arrow! and Baseball Boy! And here is the link to download Football Star – Super Striker game, you can choose the version that fits your device to experience it.

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