Football Manager 2019 Mobile APK FREE (OBB) for Android, iOS

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Football Manager 2019 Mobile 1


  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
  • Price: $12.98 ( APK : free)
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 18M
  • Latest Version: 10.2.3 (ARM)
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: March 26, 2019

Football Manager is a popular SEGA football game brand that is loved by many players. Last year, Football Manager 2018 was released and the game’s player was extremely crowded, in most countries around the world. The special point here is that it’s a high-cost game title but still receive the great attention of global players. A few months ago, SEGA has introduced and announced the latest version of Football Manager 2019, promising to be a blockbuster football game in the near future.

Football Manager 2019 Mobile 1

On November 2nd, Football Manager 2019 Mobile has officially been released by SEGA. The game will still support both Android and iOS at a relatively high price of $ 8.99. However, please refer to the review below to understand Football Manager 2019 Mobile, you will find that such a price is not expensive. But if you do not want to lose money to buy this game, we will give you a Football Manager 2019 Mobile APK Free version at the bottom of the article.

The familiar soccer team management gameplay

In terms of gameplay, the game Football Manager 2019 Mobile still has the soccer team management gameplay like the FM 2018 Mobile version. This new version will retain the identity of the previous versions with the appearance of the world’s top teams, the huge number of players give players the most realistic view of the football world. And players will begin the journey of building a team, conquering the highest league in the world. FM 2019 Mobile helps the coaches focus more on team management and team building instead of directly involved in the player activities on the pitch and that is essential for players to have a real experience.

Football Manager 2019 Mobile 2

Football Manager 2019 Mobile APK Free added two attractive football leagues, the Bundesliga and the Bundesliga 2, which will give players more options if they like the clubs in Germany. Accordingly, the famous players and young players of these two tournaments will also be added to the character system of the game. Players must know how to shop wisely in each transfer period, to create a strong team with a variety of players. To become an unbeaten team, you have to build the right tactics to manage your players. Can you?

Football Manager 2019 Mobile 3

Main features of Football Manager 2019 Mobile

  • Football Manager 2019 Mobile is developed with high-end 3D graphics, delivering a smoother experience
  • Choose from 56 different big and small tournaments from 19 countries around the world
  • The rational calculation to own the world’s top football stars
  • The buying, trading feature allows gamers to own the best and most excellent squad.
  • The Training feature allows players to train their players to improve their own stats as well as the overall strength of the team that you lead (this feature’s mode can be set after, it’s up to you).
  • FM19 Mobile also allows the coaches to arbitrarily change or create their own special tactics based on modern football theory as well as other classic tactics.
  • The game has a neat and detailed guide system. As a newcomer, you will also be introduced to the game system, how to play and how to manage a team in the most professional way.
  • Football Manager 2019 Mobile has been changed and added a number of new features as well as new tournaments, making this mobile game management more attractive and new than the previous 2018:
    • The game uses VAR technology and Goal-line to improve the quality and enhance the professionalism of the game
    • Add feedback from the player transfers
    • Upgrade the weather, the environment elements to increase the dramatic and attractive feeling of the match
    • Brief information before the game
    • Improved UI
    • The overall performance of the team
  • There are new skin colors that are dynamic and youthful which will create beautiful football matches
  • Added two national leagues of China and Russia.
  • Players will have to prepare the documents, the contract of sale players. This will make the game more authentic, players will understand the position of a team coach
  • Discretionary numbering allows players to change the number of players’ shirts.
Football Manager 2019 Mobile 4

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Download Football Manager 2019 Mobile APK Free

This new version of Football Manager 2019 Mobile still has a familiar gameplay like the 2018 version, but it has been upgraded with many new features such as more tournaments, adding talented young players, more skins creation. In general, the football game Football Manager 2019 Mobile Football Game is really great with attractive gameplay, realistic 3D graphics that you should not miss it. Below is the link to download the game Football Manager 2019 Mobile from Google Play and Football Manager 2019 Mobile APK Free.

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