Download Flying Arrow! v2.3.9 APK (MOD Money) by Voodoo

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  • Publisher: Voodoo
  • Platforms: Android 4.4+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 65M
  • Latest Version: 2.3.9
  • MOD Features: Unlimited Money
  • Date Updated: March 26, 2019

In early 2018, Voodoo continuously released their game to serve the market. Sometimes they even released two games in one day, which is a really insane number from a typical game producer like Voodoo. But recently, this publisher has stopped this flow and released just a few products so that their fans are waiting too much. And recently, the Voodoo has returned with a very interesting game called Flying Arrow !. The game Flying Arrow! was released on April 6, which is currently available only on the AppStore for iOS devices, and the Android version will be released in a few more days. The game Flying Arrow! still has the Voodoo’s familiar simple, addictive gameplay which is always at the heart of the Voodoo. Before downloading the game, please refer to the review, introduction to the game below of ApkMod and we will show you how to download the games properly.

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Flying Arrow! (Voodoo) – Shooting game flying away

Simple arrow-shooting game

Keeping their familiar style, Voodoo bring you the interesting game Flying Arrow! MOD APK with the simplest way to shoot arrows. You just need to shoot the wood arrow to make it fly as far away as possible. In particular, you will see a bow appear on the screen, you will shoot that arrow straight toward and make it fly as far as possible. On the flying journey of the arrows, there will be many obstacles appearing to interfere with the flight path, so you will have to manipulate so skillfully that the arrow does not crash into the obstacles. The first thing will be a pine forest, then you will go to the town with a lot of different obstacles which are placed everywhere. Along the way will appear many archery targets.

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After each shot, you will receive a certain amount of points depending on your distance. If you make the arrow hit the obstacles, the score will be lower depending on the distance, while the arrow hits nothing, and you hit the target, the score can be x2, x3 or x4 depending on the accuracy. If you use the normal way, you can hardly shoot arrows far away, there will be interesting tips for this game. You will receive a number of coins which are equivalent to the number of points per turn, which will be used to upgrade both your strengths and your offline earnings. Your only goal is to shoot the arrow as far as possible.

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You will have two choices for upgrades that are upgrading the power of the arrows and upgrading earnings per turn. Each time the arrow is upgraded, the flying distance of the arrow will increase significantly. Upgrading your offline earnings will help you get more money. So you need to upgrade them constantly to achieve new high scores.

Tips and Tricks to get high scores

As mentioned above, if you use the normal gameplay, you will not be able to get high scores (the distance the arrow can fly). So ApkMod will guide you with some fun tricks. Each time you upgrade the power of arrows, you will only need to shoot to the farthest possible at one time to find the stop position. After that shoots, you can reach for the farthest targets, firing at the center to be able to X2, X3 points. In that way, you will earn more money and continue to upgrade the power of arrows. To reach the X2, X3 points you need to subtly bring the arrows near the round target table so that the arrows are centered.

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The tricks to remove ads: If you are annoyed with the ads while experiencing, just turn off the Internet connection like wifi, 3G or 4G on the device and it will not display ads anymore. Because of Flying Arrow! It’s just an offline game so it does not need a network connection when it comes to the experience.

In concusion

Overall, the game Flying Arrow! MOD APK from Voodoo has still impressed the player with its fun gameplay. The graphics are still nothing compared to previous games of the Voodoo, which is still the eye-catching 2.5D graphics with the bright colors. If you take a careful look, you will find this game quite similar to the game Baseball Boy! of the Voodoo. Finally, you feel like playing Baseball Boy! You can download it to experience through the link below.

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