Download Fishing Strike MOD Apk v1.29.2 (MOD damage & more)

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Fishing Strike 1


  • Publisher: Netmarble
  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 40M
  • Latest Version: 1.29.2
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: May 3, 2019

Fishing is an extremely enjoyable sport that is welcomed all over the world and even in any country. It is not only a sport but also a passion for those who want to see the beautiful landscapes in rivers, lakes or streams. For fish enthusiasts, they are always looking for new locations with beautiful scenery and more important purpose is to conquer new fish and giant fish. If you are passionate about this sport and do not have time, just try a fishing game. And today ApkMod will introduce you a very interesting fishing game called FishingStrike.

Fishing Strike 1

The new FishingStrike MOD Apk was released on February 6 by Netmarble Games, a very well-known game publisher with a huge number of popular games around the world. This Fishing Strike is available for two major Android and iOS platforms, and you can download the game from the Google Play app store or AppStore (download link below). Here ApkMod will introduce you the most prominent features of the game FishingStrike along with how to download games on your device.

Review FishingStrike – New 2018 Fishing Game from  Netmarble

Interesting theme

Fishing is always a super hot theme for a lot of famous game makers to choose from. As every country has their own various water systems such as rivers, streams, lakes or the sea, our fishing needs are very high. However, this recreation is for those who have much free time, so not everyone has enough time to play this subject. Therefore, more and more new fishing games are released. And FishingStrike MOD Apk is an extremely exciting game with realistic graphics that will give you a truly immersive experience.

Fishing Strike 4


Interesting gameplay

Joining the game, you can select any character to participate in this exciting entertainment. You can choose male or female character as you like. After selecting the character, you will equip yourself with the necessary items such as fishing rods, fishing lines, hooks, …. and most importantly bait. Each type of bait will suit a particular fish species, you need to know that. In the game you will be equipped with the best accessories and accessories can be to conquer the new waters and new fish or larger fish. Especially the AR mode will give you the feeling of the most authentic experience. You can catch the large and rare species as much as possible.

Fishing Strike 2

How to play the game

You will become a professional player with skillful techniques of catching fish as well as bringing fish ashore. At the beginning, you will be guided the basic way fishing with small fish to familiarize with the gameplay. But later, you will encounter larger fish that will be difficult to conquer because they are very healthy. You need to align the timing when the fishes bite the bait and pull the float away, lift the rod decisively and bring the fish to shore according to its health. When the fish runs fast, the line is strong, you have to release the rope. When the fish is weak, you quickly pull the fish to the shore. The technology to bring fish to shore is very difficult, you have to experience many new games have experience.

Conquer different fish species

The game has a super various fish system. There are more than 500 species of fish in the world with different species such as sea fish, freshwater fish, river fish or stream fish. You can set the goal of conquering the biggest fish possible. As mentioned above, each species will need a specific bait, so you need to know it to get the fish you want.

Coming to the sights of the world

The game will bring you a lot of locations taken from the extremely beautiful in the world. At each location, there will be landscapes, eyebrows with distinct beauty. The most important thing is that each region, it will have different fish species to conquer. Therefore, you will be traveling to many famous places in the world through FishingStrike game.

Fishing Strike 3

Upgrade, unlock new items

The game will divide the fishing gear into real details such as fishing rods, fishing lines, fishing rods, hooks, hooks for you to choose the appropriate. For large fish species, it will be necessary to have strong, stable and good lines. You can choose to upgrade the power of the needle, the machine you need or purchase new equipment. With the line, you need a tough wire and high lengths to take the giant fish to the shore. To upgrade and purchase new items, you will lose money, which you can get by selling the fish you collect.

Graphics and sound

The game FishingStrike MOD Apk is equipped with an extremely sharp 3D graphics. The locations of the game are very eye-catching with blue water, or other things such as houses, trees, and other fishing people. The game will have visual effects with vibration effects when jerky fish feel like being fishing the big fish outside. The bigger the fish is, the stronger your vibration. In addition, the background music system with the integrated sound effects for the game is much more lively than other games of the same genre.

FishingStrike MOD Apk

In general, this FishingStrike MOD Apk game is extremely exciting, it will give you the feeling of realistic experience just like fishing in real life. You can play the game together with your friends to see who can catch the bigger fish. You can download the Fishing Strike game on your device via the link below for free to experience it, there will also be a FishingStrike APK MOD version if you like it.

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