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Fire Strike - Gun Shooter FPS MOD APK (Menu: No Recoil/Spread/Aim Assist) 4.06

Shooting game for action funs with hurricane gameplay

App NameFire Strike - Gun Shooter FPS
Publisher Edkon Games GmbH
MOD InfoMenu: No Recoil/Spread/Aim Assist
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About this MOD


  • No Recoil
  • No Spread


  • MOD Menu
  • Set FoV // Custom FoV
  • Aim Assist // Increase Aim Assist
  • No Recoil // Removes Recoil
  • No Spread // Removes Weapon Spread
  • No Flashbang // Removes Flashbang Effect
  • Enemies won’t Shoot // Only against AI
  • Red Crosshair // Crosshair turns red when aiming at the enemy
  • No Ads // No Ads after finishing Match

Modded By TheArmKing


  • No recoil
  • Radar hack (CT only)
  • Wallhack chams
  • Rainbow
  • Glow
  • Outline
  • Wireframe v1
  • Wireframe v2
  • No ads


About Fire Strike

The exciting action of Fire Strike takes place in 5v5 battles that span anywhere from 5 to 7 minutes. To stay alive, players in this high-stakes game must carefully plan where to place their shooters, how to outfit themselves best, and how to employ explosives best. Mastering the game maps is essential, as they transform into powerful weapons in a world rife with demonstrations and crucial encounters between competing groups.

Try to Win Without Spending Money

Unlike many other games, this game is played on a level surface. You can only get game-changing goods by actually playing the game. You can get all the guns, armor, and grenades you need without spending any cash. It’s all about your tactical prowess, so load up those cannons!

Engage in First-Person-Shooter Battles with People from All Over the World

Get ready to become a legend in spectacular player-against-player confrontations. Fire Strike’s gun game players come from around the world, making for intense competition. Played as a military commander in simulated conflict zones, including Chornobyl, Japan, and the United States—team up for exciting combat where you’ll either plant or defuse explosives. Gain the upper hand through new tactics, strategies, and attachments, as well as the acquisition of additional weapons, troops, and armor.

Five-minute games with ten competitors emphasize speed and strategy

Fire Strike has lightning-fast and intuitive gameplay that will raise your heart rate. The game’s controls are so straightforward that they can be performed with two fingers. You may select the auto lock and autofire modes or go completely manual. The fantastic visuals and effects will draw you in, while the game’s high performance and efficiency will keep everything running smoothly so you can focus on having fun.

Fight in a Squad with Your Pals or 10 Player Free-For-Alls

You may organize a squad of up to five individuals and take on other first-person shooter gamers in online games. Strive to reach the top spot and cement your supremacy. Alternately, you may add a new dimension of excitement to your gaming experience by participating in bespoke online game types with as many as ten other players.

Several Play Modes, with More in the Works

Fire Strike provides various play styles to satisfy players of all tastes. Fight as a team, see how well you do in a free-for-all deathmatch, practice your bomb-defusing or planting abilities, or join the arms race to show off your shooting expertise. What’s even better? Exciting new gameplay possibilities will be available soon as development continues on additional game variants.

Numerous Weapons and Gear, each with Their Own Unique Specialization Options

In this game, you may customize your gameplay any way you like. In this dynamic 3D shooting game, you may play as whomever you choose, whether they are a swift SMG assassin, precise sniper support, or the raw might of a tank machine gunner. Try out several load-outs until you discover the one that best complements your playstyle.

Use the Convenient Rankings to Move Up the Divisions

As you develop your abilities, your ultimate goal should be to dominate the Fire Strike scene. There are 15 different leagues to play in and rise through to become a legend and join the elite Fire Titans league. Shoot your way to the top in any shooter games and rounds, whether you like to work in a team or fly solo.

Exciting New Content Updated Regularly

This game guarantees that its users will never run out of exciting content. The game is constantly developing and expanding, with new game types, including capture, a battle arena, and 2v2 tournaments coming soon. Additionally, new maps such as SLUMS RAID and CAMPO SACRO will be added to the game. Also, the game often adds new shooting material, including skins, characters, weapons, and attachments so gamers may change their experience.

Take on the Role of the Superhero by Throwing Yourself Into the Action

Fire Strike introduces a state-of-the-art electronic gunplay action game in which players assume the role of superheroes defending a busy metropolis. The game is flawless because it mixes cutting-edge technology with exciting fights. You must pursue or face the unknown attackers in direct combat to save the city from destruction. You have the advanced weaponry and wheels to get into the action and show your heroic mettle.

The Strangers Have Arrived

A band of hostile outsiders appears out of nowhere, terrorizing the tranquil city you call home. These guys have taken firearms to the streets and started randomly shooting bystanders. Their goal is to conquer the city and turn it into a colony. But the city’s heroes won’t sit back and watch while their home is destroyed. They intend to eradicate the invading force.

Strength in Numbers

Victory requires cooperation and well-defined objectives. Players must coordinate and agree upon specific moves for a team to succeed. To defeat the adversary, every squad member must use their weapons strategically. Fire Strike provides aid in the form of an extensive arsenal. The game also can upgrade players’ weapons to give them an edge in battle.

Use a first-person view of the action and focus your sights on removing enemies quickly. Every battle is fierce, and the foes you face might be dangerous or even obscure your view. However, you may successfully identify and eliminate concealed enemies using the game’s complex topography and map layouts. You can easily win if you know your way around the city like the back of your hand.

Leisure time amusement

As the number of intruders grows, panic spreads through the city. The people are horrified by the terrible and unbearable activities of the adversary. To prevent additional loss of life, it is critical to organize and conduct counterattacks rapidly.

The game provides a vast arsenal of combat equipment. Stunning 3D visuals and atmospheric sound design give the game a fascinating feel. The impressive arsenal of weaponry, the variety of play styles, and the valuable loot players may take away from each fight keep players hooked.

Despite insurmountable obstacles, the game’s heroes can band together and win. The mix of brute force and cunning is the formula for success. Be the hero of the city by fighting bravely for the greater good.

MOD APK version of Fire Strike

MOD feature

Menu: No Recoil/Spread/Aim Assist


The 5v5 rounds and PvP clashes in Fire Strike are some of the most exciting and intense in any shooting game. Fast-paced action and smart outwitting of opponents are possible thanks to the game’s emphasis on fair gaming and the many weapons and equipment available to players. New game types and levels are often added to keep players interested. Become the city’s hero in crisis by arming yourself and your squad. Are you prepared to take on Fire Strike?

Download Fire Strike - Gun Shooter FPS MOD APK (Menu: No Recoil/Spread/Aim Assist) 4.06

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