Download Fire Balls 3D MOD Apk v1.15 (Ad Free) for Android, iOS

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  • Publisher: Voodoo
  • Platforms: Android 4.4+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 60M
  • Latest Version: 1.15
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: April 2, 2019

As we have already mentioned so many times, Voodoo is one of the world’s leading game developers, any of their games have received the great attention of players all over the world of all gender and age. And a few days ago, Voodoo has released a new entertainment game called Fire Balls 3D. This game supports two both Android and iOS, for totally free (the Android version will be released shortly later).

Fire Balls 3D 1

This 3D Fire Balls game was still developed in the familiar style that Voodoo has developed for their blockbusters, which is very simple but very addictive with gamers. In order not to waste any time in learning how to play Fire Balls 3D, please read our below article to immediately get familiar with it. At the bottom of the article, there will be the download link, including the version of Fire Balls 3D MOD Apk for you.

Simple gameplay, easy to get familiar

Joining the game, you will just control a ball shooting machine to move it forward. Your mission is not only to move the machine but also to break the obstacles to get through those paths. Specifically, there will be rows of bricks stacked in front of the path, you must hold to make your ball fire forward to break the brick to pass. The number of balls you must correspond to the number of appearing row of brick. It means that if you hit just one ball more than the number of rows, the game will end and you have to play again.

Fire Balls 3D 2

The difficulty of the game is that around the brick row, there will be obstacles constantly moving in circles, you need to align the time to exactly hit the brick row. The requirements of this game are absolute so you are not allowed to slip a ball if you want to pass the screen. As such, each time you pass a line of bricks, you get through a level receive attractive gift boxes.

The difficulty of the game Fire Balls 3D will gradually increase as the number of the brick row will constantly rise and the obstacles will move very quickly. Without carefulness, you can not break the brick. The game Fire Balls 3D brings unlimited challenging levels to for you. Are you ready to conquer this game?

Method of control

It’s not surprising that the gameplay Fire Balls 3D is extremely simple. As we have said, your task is to get the machine moving forward. It will automatically move and you just need to destroy the brick row. To shoot, just touch the machine. Once ball will come out in accordance with one touch, hold to make the ball fire continuously. You have to correctly choose the time when there is no obstacle ahead to shoot the balls.

Fire Balls 3D 3

Image of the game

In terms of graphics, the Fire Balls 3D is nothing new compared to the previous games that Voodoo has released before. It will still be the 2D graphics in modern style with sharp and eye-catching image thanks to a variety of bright colors. The ball will be designed in 3D so that the game is quite beautiful and eye-catching. The game now has more than 20 beautiful color themes and it will also be added in the next update versions.

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Download Fire Balls 3D MOD Apk

In general, the game Fire Balls 3D is still a very simple but addictive game – the familiar style of the developer Voodoo. Many players experience Fire Balls 3D for hours without getting bored. If you do not want to be bothered by the ads, you can buy the developer’s package for $ 3.59. However, there is an easier way is to turn off all your Internet connections, these ads will not appear anymore. And here is the link download game for you to choose (the original version and Fire Balls 3D MOD Apk)

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