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Final Earth Genesis 1

At the Tokyo Game Show 2017, Square Enix – one of the world’s leading game developers, has introduced to the entertainment game market a highly addictive role-playing game called Final Earth Genesis. Soon after the introduction, this game had quickly become famous with every player around the world they have been eagerly waiting for the game to be officially released.

Final Earth Genesis 1

But it was not until the end of September 2018 that Final Earth Genesis was officially released by the publisher Asobimo, a popular MMO publisher who have been successful with many mobile role-playing games. The game is currently available on Google Play and AppStore for Android, iOS for totally free.

Final Earth Genesis – Finally being released by Asobimo

Dramatic gameplay

About the gameplay, Final Earth Genesis game was developed with the MMORPG gameplay for mobile. However, this game has been refreshed in a unique way that gives players the experience that they have never had in any other game before. The unique feature that we mentioned here is the PvP mode with up to 100 people playing together, creating a chaotic and dramatic battlefield. Yes, the player from all over the world can have chances to team up and fight in form of real-time 50vs50.

Final Earth Genesis 2

In order to step into this fierce battle, players will have to choose one of the three main factions of the game and constantly compete with the enemy to bring the advantage to your Bang or Guild. The player can select one of the five main character classes: Soldier, Striker, Assassin, Hunter, and Wizard. Each character class will have unique attacking abilities, advantages/disadvantages, and can be counted against each other. Each battle will be divided into different areas with defense systems and bases of the two sides, creating opportunities for you to use tactics.

Final Earth Genesis 3

Impressive 3D graphics

The game Final Earth Genesis brings players a deep impression from the first time entering the game with eye-catching image quality. Thanks to the state-of-the-art imaging technology, Final Earth Genesis has a crisp 3D graphics. The effects of light, shadows, …. are invested very carefully, which will certainly bring you the feeling of great enjoyment. Along with that, the sound effects in the game are well integrated to give the player more alive experiences.

Final Earth Genesis 4

Download Final Earth Genesis APK

In general, Final Earth Genesis has been carefully developed by Square Enix and Asobimo for a long time before being released so it has quickly become a super hot game these days. This is actually a high-quality game for you. Unfortunately, the Final Earth Genesis game is currently only available in Japanese, which causes many language problems for players while experience. Hopefully, the final version of Final Earth Genesis will be released soon. If you want to play Final Earth Genesis, you can download the Japanese version via the link below.

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