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  • Date Updated: February 14, 2019

Review FINAL BLADE – Super RPG from Korea

Final Blade is an attractive role-playing strategy game that was released in early 2017 by Sky People, but at that time the game was only released exclusively for the Korean market. But it is not until the present time that in early 2019, Sky People released a global version for this game so that players around the world can experience it. Right from the first time in the game, the Final Blade has made a great impression on gamers thanks to the graphics style of Korean comics and a diverse system of generals.


Tactical role-playing gameplay

Final Blade has been developed to be almost entirely automated. In each game, the player’s generals will automatically move and advance the enemy that you will not have to control each of your characters like other role-playing games. Your mission in this game is to select the special skills of each general as well as pick up the fallen souls after the opponent collapses. Although it is an auto mode, you must not take your eyes off the screen, because you have to constantly select your hero’s skills and change tactics when needed. Final Blade game requires you to pay high attention to the quest system and upgrade the general.


The mission system

The game has a coherent mission system, throughout the story so you can both experience and understand the content of the game. There will be many large chapters, each one will be divided into small screens. Also when you reach a certain level, you will be able to participate in other sideline modes.

To be able to complete the task of a day, you have to give yourself 90 minutes of game experience. It means you will spend 90 minutes to complete the daily tasks, then receive rewards and upgrades for your character. Moreover, you also can play more games with other modes if you want. The mission will continuously appear for you to complete but does not require you to do it immediately.


You can participate in sideline modes such as Boss Raid, Daily Darkness, Fate, Black Money, Countervailing PvP, Practice to not be bored when you experience the game. After participating in these activities, you will receive very useful rewards for upgrading generals. Every day the game will update these game modes to bring a new experience.

General and Skill system

The game possesses a quite diverse character system, about 300 characters are different strong and weak generals. Players can unlock these generals through story play or side activities or buy in-store. However, you can only get low-level generals for free, while higher level generals from 4 to 5 stars have to be bought in the store. If you want to own 6 stars or more generals, you must apply the method of combining generals when both 5-star generals are at the limit of strengthening. This is a risky job when its ability to succeed is not high, it costs a lot of gold and requires your perseverance.

To get stronger characters, you need to equip them with the necessary items. Besides, each general will only have 4 skills to upgrade and export skills while playing. But when fighting, there will be 2 automatic skills and 2 skills for you to choose. This is a fairly reasonable auto feature when you can hardly observe all 5 of your generals if you can customize all 4 of their skills.


A special feature is that the game offers many different lineups for players to arrange generals. Each type of formation will increase a certain element for the whole team such as increasing armor, increasing blood, increasing attack speed, etc. Players can also enhance these types of formation according to their level index to increase the indicators. These types of formation are suitable for many different game modes from Antagonists to Boss attacks.

Graphics – Sound

Final Blade graphics are built on a 2D background, with the Korean comic-book style character drawing and context. And although it is just a 2D game, the images still have a certain depth, creating a wider context. The characters are beautifully designed and sophisticated, especially the costumes of the generals. It has just let players know which class they belong to, making a difference between about 300 different generals.

The voice acting and background music are also very well done. Each chapter will have different soundtracks, appropriate for the context of the chapter. And most of the background music will have a grand sound, clearly showing the spirit of the generals when they rushed to the battlefield. However, the voice acting is only in English and Chinese.

The end

The Final Blade possesses a diverse, rich faction system, a mission system that gives you enough experience in one day of experience. In addition, the Final Blade’s automatic gameplay does not cause depressed feeling, it still makes it difficult for players to take their eyes off the phone screen. In addition, the Final Blade graphics will also make players feel interesting when bearing the style of Korean comics. It can be said that the image design of the game is more artistic. Overall, Final Blade is a general card game worth playing for you. Download it right now!

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