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App NameFFVII The First Soldier
Publisher SQUARE ENIX Co.
Require7.1 and up
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FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER (FFVII The First Soldier) is an attractive survival action game on mobile released by Square Enix. With MMOTPS gameplay, you can defeat your enemies with a variety of power combinations.

About FFVII The First Soldier

On November 17, 2021, Square Enix officially released FFVII The First Soldier to gamers worldwide. This paid game belongs to the Battle Royale genre with close combat action gameplay. The manufacturer has added many new elements in the controller and gameplay to increase the excitement for gamers. The game’s octane rating is high and is mixed with RPG elements from the Final Fantasy series. While playing, players can combine three powerful weapons, slide across the battlefield with Chocobos, or have the ability to play close combat.


The plot of the game

FFVII The First Soldier is set in Midgar before the main events of Final Fantasy take place. Shinra established a particular unit called SOLDIER. This unit is reserved for elites only. To get a slot to join this army, players must overcome many challenges. You will begin this training journey as a rookie in Project Zero. This position requires players to practice survival skills, including weapons, magic, or ninja skills. Moreover, to officially join the organization, you need to try to eliminate other recruits.


The gameplay of FFVII The First Soldier is quite remarkable because it gives players many choices. You will begin your journey by choosing a suitable fighting style. Fighting styles include:

  • Warrior with powerful melee attacks with guns
  • Sorcerer with the ability to cast spells on all enemies. This option also comes with healing spells.
  • Ninja with the ability to freely go in and out of battle without being stopped

Depending on the choice of fighting style, it will provide you with different weapons. It can be guns, swords, or magic.

On the other hand, each match in a map will have a maximum of 75 participants. When participating in this survival battle, you have to fight with other players to become the last survivor. Besides, you need to kill monsters to get experience points and Gil. You can summon your favorite characters or buy Chocobos with the accumulated Gils. Furthermore, the pace of each match is fast and thrilling. Your life will count in every minute, every second. Therefore, you need to move wisely, quickly collect items and defeat opponents. The battle ends when all are killed, and only one player is left alive.


Fight using a combination of Melee, Magic, and Guns

In other battle royale game genres, players can only use one skill type. However, FFVII The First Soldier is not like that. The game allows players to combine Melee, Magic, and Guns simultaneously to increase their chances of winning. Icons of these skills will appear at the same time in the control panel. Just click on them, and you can use these skills immediately. You can change these skills by clicking “Tutorial” and “XP.” Besides, you can upgrade the level of these skills to increase the damage. The higher the level of these skills, the better your chances of being the last survivor.

Use auxiliary items

HP and MP are two critical stats you need to pay attention to when participating in matches. If these stats are high, fight with confidence and quickly collect valuable items. If these stats are low, it means you have to replenish or seek refuge before being killed by enemies. There are many ways for you to improve your HP. You can use items along the way or fight monsters to receive. Besides items that help increase HP and MP, you also find many other bullets or guns. They are scattered everywhere on the map. Therefore, increase the range of movement to find more good items.

Equip and upgrade weapons

The number of weapons in FFVII The First Soldier is quite a lot. Although you can equip weapons freely, don’t forget to pick up weapons along the way. If you’re lucky, you can pick up high-level weapons. Each weapon has different functions to suit other maps. For example, Lethal Gaze or MP-60 Type A makes melee combat better.

Moreover, they also have levels for you to upgrade. As you level up your weapon, the amount of ammo and damage will increase significantly. A unique feature is that you can directly upgrade the level of your gun right in the match. It is convenient and helps you increase your chances of winning.


Visit iconic Final Fantasy locations

When playing FFVII The First Soldier, players enjoy the diverse maps and be surprised with the unique locations. You will get a ticket to visit Corneo’s mansion, Seventh Heaven, flower house, or train graveyard. These are special symbols included in the expansion maps. It is designed in detail with many attractive boosters and extraordinary monsters. These places will make you feel excited the first time you visit.


Now, customize your character and fighting style to join the fight for survival in FFVII The First Soldier. With eye-catching graphics and vivid sound, you will never regret the money spent. Download the game now!

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