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Fear Surrounds MOD APK (Unlimited Money) b14

App NameFear Surrounds
Publisher SaltyEgg Studio
Size644.1 MB
Require7.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money

About Fear Surrounds

Fear Surrounds is a horror game inspired by the famous game Among Us. A Chinese firm created the game, which was launched for PC in October 2021. For Android, the game is now in beta testing.


Players in Fear Surrounds are separated into two groups: victims and hunters. The game may be played in either first-person or third-person mode, offering dark and ominous settings that add to the terror factor.

Gamers must collaborate to achieve tasks while attempting to identify the hunters among them. The game’s many roles and modes provide players with various gaming possibilities, making it an exciting and intriguing horror game.

Game mode

The game has numerous modes, including “battle royale,” in which players compete to be the last one standing. Fear Surrounds also provides a range of positions to pick, each with its talents and limits. Traveler, Priest, White Spirit, Avenger, Doctor, Fool, Psychic, Nightmare, Magic Eye, Ghost King, Ghost Priest, Hidden Demon, Quiet Spectrum, and Traitor are among the jobs available.

The Traveler is a regular victim with no supernatural talents. The Priest can determine a player’s faction but not their specific job. In the whole game, the White Spirit can murder just one character, but the Avenger can destroy the player who voted for their expulsion. The Doctor can see all the bodies on the map, but the Fool avoids the initial displacement and cannot vote or speak during subsequent talks.

During each meeting, the Psychic can determine the deceased’s faction. The Nightmare can blind all players, but the Magic Eye can see all players’ whereabouts. The Ghost King has a different killing skill that he uses before dying. The Ghost Priest may take on the appearance of a dead man. The Priest cannot view the Hidden Demon until it wakes. The Quiet Spectrum can silence one player every round, while the Traitor has no special skills but must assist in destroying the victims.

Memorable playing experience

The ominous atmosphere and deep horror experience of the game make it a must-try for everyone who appreciates horror games and the Among Us gameplay style. The game’s several modes and roles provide players with various gaming possibilities, making it an intriguing and entertaining horror game. Yet, because the victims have no special powers and must accomplish all chores as rapidly as possible, the admission criterion may appear too high for beginners. You won’t want to miss Fear Surrounds if you’re seeking a game that will keep you on the tip of your seat.


The horror game Fear Surrounds puts a fresh spin on the Among Us formula. Gameplay in Fear Surrounds will keep players on the edge of their seats thanks to its tense atmosphere, several game types, and a wide selection of roles, each with its own set of skills. While the learning curve may be steep for some, horror game fans must try this title.

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