FarmVille 2: Country Escape

FarmVille 2: Country Escape MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 24.8.91

App NameFarmVille 2: Country Escape
Publisher Zynga
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Farm simulation games always give players a feeling of comfort and peace. FarmVille 2 is one of the popular farming games that help you get in touch with nature and live as a real farmer.

About FarmVille 2: Country Escape

FarmVille 2 is an exciting farm simulation game with lots of fun features. It is also in the top searches, similar to Hay Day or Green Farm 3. Zynga is the publisher of this fun farming game. The game’s space leads you to the peaceful and bustling countryside. It is suitable for players who are passionate about farming and breeding. You have the opportunity to build a unique farm and develop your fruit garden. Besides, you need to complete all the tasks that a farmer needs to perform every day. The animals will be your companions on your farm development journey. Once you’ve entered this fun farm world, it’s hard to get out. The cuteness and authenticity in each daily farming mission will help you better understand farming works.

On the Play Store, the game has more than 50 million installs. It also received more than 2 million positive reviews from players. If you are looking for a farm game with diverse content and a large player community, FarmVille 2 is definitely a good choice.


Key features of FarmVille 2

Relaxation is always something you find in farm games like FarmVille 2. Not only that, but this game also offers a lot of other interesting features to keep you happy. Let’s see!


You will never feel alone or do not know what to do when you first join the game. An old friend of your grandparents named Marie will accompany you. She will guide you through all the work on the farm in the most detail. With her help, you will find farming, raising animals, harvesting crops is not a difficult thing. After harvesting these products, you can pack them for ships to get gold or experience. Besides, she also teaches you the simple gestures to perform these tasks. For example, to change the position of the necessary machine tools, you need to do a touch, drag and drop.

Moreover, as you level up, many interesting features in FarmVille 2 will be unlocked for you to experience. Specifically, when reaching level five, players can exchange goods with others. To take advantage of this exchange effectively, log into your Facebook. Through this account, kind friends can give you valuable gifts. Don’t forget to give them back to increase intimacy. Plus, when you successfully unlock the special farm, many new stories will appear. These stories contain mysteries and special items for you to discover.

Explore the plot and characters

Many people complained that the plot in the first part of the game was not really good, which made many people feel bored. Don’t worry because the predecessor did this well. Besides good gameplay, FarmVille 2 has an interesting storyline waiting for you to explore. You need to complete quests to unlock the story progressions. Besides, there are different characters in town that will visit your farm to bring new quests.

Besides the assistant Marie, you have the opportunity to meet different characters in the town. Each character has their own story but it all ties into the overall story of the game. Take for example Johnny, a homeless boy looking for a job. He then stays and becomes an important part of the farm as he helps you a lot in your work.

The characters appear at different times in the game. Usually when you reach a certain level. Of course, they don’t come to visit you for fun. They offer exciting quests that, when you complete them, have a chance to receive special rewards.

FarmVille 2 characters

Grow crops and livestock

Except for bare ground, you don’t have anything ready to start growing a tree. However, the amount of vacant land available is not much. Therefore, you need to buy more plots of land for farming from the shop. Moreover, water is also not available and you need to find it to grow the plant. You can find water from ponds, lakes, wells, shorelines, or small puddles. These water supplies often appear around your farm. When you have finished watering the plants, do not forget to reserve water for the next time. Note, the maximum amount of water that can be stored is 30.

On the other hand, the number of seeds available is low. Therefore, you need to go to the store to buy more seeds and plant them. FarmVille 2 provides many interesting plants to grow such as rice, flowers, and food crops. Each plant will give a different yield and amount. Therefore, you need to plan specifically before buying them. Moreover, the store also has a variety of pets available. Buy them to both sells for money and make friends with you. Although the time to take care of these animals is long, the profits they bring are very high. Therefore, investing in raising them is a good thing to do.

Expand your farm

You start the game with a small piece of land and some old buildings. Do not be discouraged because there are many opportunities for you to expand your farm. There are many different places where you can find and unlock them. To open a new piece of land, you need to reach the required level then pay it with coins. As you expand your farm, you have more space to build buildings and grow your business.

Daily quests are constantly updated

Every day the system will send you many tasks for you to complete the development of your farm. These quests also come with the necessary instructions for you to do. The usual tasks are planting a new tree, harvesting, giving gifts to friends, or raising more animals. When you complete these quests, you will receive valuable items. Those items can be money, exp, seeds, or keys. Try to complete all the required quests to get the most items. In case you can’t complete the mission, use the key to pass. Moreover, these quests are updated daily. Therefore, you never get bored doing new tasks in FarmVille 2. As you get higher level, the quest will increase and the reward will also double.

FarmVille 2 gameplay

Make friends and exchange goods

You can not only develop the farm alone, but you can make friends and exchange goods with other players. You can invite your friends via Facebook or make friends directly through ID. FarmVille 2 allows players to trade with friends and give them items you made. In return, your friends will also give you valuable items. Through this exchange and gift-giving, maybe you will have another good friend.

The game features a local and global leaderboard where players compete for the top spots. When you grow your farm big enough, you have the opportunity to expand your business even faster and make a lot of money. Don’t forget to build a chain of your farm to earn huge profits and compete with other players on the global leaderboard.

Decorate the farm in your style

You are the farm owner, so no one can stop you from arranging and decorating your farm. Depending on your preferences, you can decorate your farm the way you want. Arrange the locations of machines, tools, barns, or even plots of land. The store also has fun decorations available for you to use on your farm. Buy them to make your farm more attractive. It helps to increase admiration and love when friends visit your farm.

MOD APK of FarmVille 2

MOD info

  • Free shopping: You can shop and unlock in-game items completely for free.
  • Turn off the network connection when playing. You can use Netguard to specify to turn off the network connection of this game only.


FarmVille 2 helps you get in touch with farming through fun farm development activities. Download the game now to start planting the first trees and develop the farm in our way.

Download FarmVille 2: Country Escape MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 24.8.91

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