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The farm games are now very popular with many players around the world. It is said that this type of game is as attractive as the survival games or RPG because of its simple entertainment gameplay that does not require too many skills or tactics of the player. In addition, the farm game series provides useful insights into real-life farm development. Especially, this game suits for any ages, for both men and women. Referring to the farm game, we are very well-known for some hit games like Hay Day, Pocket Build, … They are now very popular around the world. And today ApkMod will introduce you to a brand new farm game that is extremely attractive called Farm Together.

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The game Farm Together was released in early March. The first version of the game was released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but now the game has officially released the mobile version for Android and iOS devices. In particular, this will be a free game so you will not have to spend a penny to play. The game was released by Milkstone Studios, but the game has a capacity of up to 2GB so that only high-end mobile devices can afford it with a smoother experience. In this article, ApkMod will introduce the most prominent features of Farm Together game along with how to download games on your device.

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The journey from farmer to trader

When it comes to Farm Together, you will take the role of a real farmer with simple jobs with a small garden and lovely house. Before starting your journey of farm development, you can choose a male or female character to take over the farm. In the beginning, you are just a hardworking farmer with the only task of planting and raising animals until you become richer and you will become a famous trader and then own a large farm. At the start of the game, you will be the system of the game instructions detailing the operation to familiarize with the game. Grow your farm to make it become larger and richer. More people will know about you.

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Jobs on the farm

Like other farm games, Farm Together gives you simple farming jobs such as planting trees, caring for plants, harvesting and raising animals in the house. There will be many different types of plants for you to choose from such as food crops (rice, wheat, corn, etc.) or fruit trees. In order to make the final product, you must dig, sow seeds, water, fertilize the crops and harvest at the right time to achieve the best yield.

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About the husbandry, you will be able to choose from a variety of animals such as poultry and cattle to grow your farm. You can feed the chickens, ducks and they will give you eggs or meat. With cows, they can both produce large amounts of milk and provide a plenty of meat. While farming, there are uninvited guests who can steal the products you create, so you need to feed the dogs to protect your farm.

At the beginning of the game, you will get some free plots and they are quite small. So you need to buy more new land to grow up your farm size. To make your farm become bigger, you have to open more plots of land, purchase more plant and animal species, upgrade your warehouse to accommodate the amount of food you have produced. By selling the products you create from the farm, you can get more money. You need to collect as much money as possible. This amount will be used to purchase plant varieties, livestock or to upgrade farms into a larger scale.

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Interact with other players

You can work with your friends to trade and sell the items you have and exchange farm experience. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can connect to any player in the world. Besides working hard to get rich, you can also steal from other farms. This is a pretty risky adventure, watch the dogs on their farm.

Download Farm Together APK for Android, iOS, PC

Not only does Farm Together have such an interesting gameplay, but it also has a very sharp 3D graphics. It is even more prominent than previous farm games because it is a new product so that it can apply modern technology. Surely the Farm Together game will bring you amazingly entertaining and entertaining minutes, it will teach you how to grow a real farm. You can download the Farm Together game on your Android, iOS, PC or PS4 device from the link below to experience it!

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