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Farm Heroes Saga MOD APK (Free Boosters) 6.32.11

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If the candy world in Candy Crush Saga captivated you, the fresh fruit world in Farm Heroes Saga will delight you even more. This game will brighten up a tiring day and help you maximize relaxation.

About Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga is a 3 match game with a fresh fruit garden. This is the last game in the Saga Series. The gameplay is simple and doesn’t have many changes compared to the old games in Saga- game series. Therefore, you do not need to spend time getting used to it, but you can enjoy relaxing moments right away. Eye-catching, colorful graphics and cool music are what any player will be impressed with. The tasks in the game are also constantly renewed for players to enjoy without ever getting bored. This game brings you many opportunities to discover new types of farms with interesting fruits. Besides, it also offers some cute but challenging features for you to experience. Check out this cute farm now.

Farm Heroes Saga-mod-apk

Familiar 3 match gameplay

Similar to Candy Crush Saga, your task is to collect fruits and complete the level before the turn runs out. Each level will require you to harvest different fruits. Before the end of the move, you need to complete the mission. When swapping positions, you need to identify fruits of the same type to complete the task of collecting agricultural products.

These fruits need to be lined up in a row. Sorting them is also very simple. Just touch and change the position to the area next to left, right, top and bottom. If you want to create an effect, try to arrange 4 or 5 fruits in a row. These functions help you get more results. Especially the explosive fruit will appear when you make five fruits in the same row. It can harvest all the fruits of the same type. Depending on the number of fruits you successfully arrange, you will get the corresponding number of fruits.

More than 1000 levels with many difficulty challenges

Players never get bored and stop being challenged by thousands of levels that Farm Heroes Saga brings. You will experience levels from easy to difficult. Each level will come with a different type of challenge that is challenging the player’s skills. Completion time and several moves are also subject to change. So you need to complete the mission faster while saving maximum moves.

When completing a level, a new level will open with a completely different design. You can see more exotic fruits than you have ever seen before. If you have trouble during the game, use the support spells in the bottom corner of the screen. This is a tool to help you pass the levels more easily. However, the number of these support spells is not much and is limited for each level.

Choose a pet to accompany with you

A farm cannot be funny without livestock. In Farm Heroes Saga, a pet will appear. You are free to choose one of them to accompany with you. These animals are not just for decoration, they help you more than you think. Each animal has distinct features and different designs. You can choose a dog, chicken, pig, bird, etc. These features can be to help you break obstacles, get extra turns, etc. Players can rely on the information provided to choose the right animal. You are also allowed to change the animals before you start playing to achieve the desired assist.

Alternatively, you can also enjoy the benefits of a horse in Booster Trail mode. Every day it will be opened to help players get more useful features. To help this horse grow up, you need to try to win the levels. At this point, it will give you a lot of extra spells for free. Use these summoner spells as needed.


Tương tự như mọi game 3 match khác, Farm Heroes Saga có các boosters để giúp bạn hoàn thành một màn chơi dễ dàng hơn. Các booster (hay còn được gọi là power-up) là những vật phẩm đặc biệt mà khi bạn sử dụng sẽ có một hiệu ứng lên bảng đấu. Khi bạn sử dụng một booster hợp lý, nó có thể giúp bạn giành chiến thắng trong một màn chơi khó. Dưới đây là các booster trong game và thông tin về chúng:

  • 5 Extra Moves: Add 5 moves to a turn. You can buy it when you fail a level.
  • Magic Shovel: This shovel can be used in many situations such as digging a slot on the board, breaking ice, cracking eggs or banging on the head of a rabbit to stun it.
  • Super Fruit: Similar to the color boom on Candy Crush Saga. This item destroys all fruits of the same type on the board.
  • Turbotractor: Remove 3 cells from the board
  • Tractor: Remove any row on the board vertically or horizontally.
  • Amelia’s Airdrop: Amelia randomly scatters 6 fruits on your board.
  • Bonus Reward: Thêm phần thưởng cho mỗi lượt thắng.
  • Color Collector: Add bonus for every win.
  • Egg Crusher
  • Clean-Up.

Boosters are purchased with gold bars or you can also get them by completing in-game missions. They are important items that you should use sparingly. Using a reasonable booster in a particular case will get you out of difficult levels. However, with the Farm Heroes Saga mod that we bring, you can use unlimited boosters without buying them from the store.

Farm Heroes Saga-features

Heroes Farm

After completing the fruit harvest but still have a spare turn, what will you do? Heroes Farm is an interesting function that helps players take advantage of all the remaining moves. This mode only appears when the player has many turns left after completing the task. When participating in this feature, a level will be displayed with no obstacles. Players need to try to observe to arrange for the most points to compete for a high position in the rankings. This is a way for you to collect more gifts and points for your farm. The number of points from this feature is a lot, so you need to be careful in each move.

Compete against the best player leaderboard

A leaderboard of the highest-scoring players is also created to increase the challenge. You must try to accumulate as many points as possible. How fun and glorious will it be when you reach the top? This is the time to compete with friends for high rankings on the leaderboard. This ranking is also updated according to the number of points you get at each level. So you can easily see where your current location is. This is also a challenge to keep you motivated. If you’re having trouble getting promoted, you can ask Farm Heroes Saga’s player support community. This community is always there to help you with questions and video tutorials.

MOD APK of Farm Heroes Saga

MOD features

  • Unlimited Boosters: You can use boosters in the game for free.
  • Note: Facebook login is not available.


Farm Heroes Saga with eye-catching graphics, exciting music, and attractive fruit challenges will make you addicted. Download the game now and enjoy the exciting world of fruit challenges.

Download Farm Heroes Saga MOD APK (Free Boosters) 6.32.11

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  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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