MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems/Key) 1.113

Publisher Nutaku
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Coins/Gems/Key
MOD infor
  • Money increases when spending

To get many gems, you will have to finish the first part of the game AKA selling the first company, then once you are in the next one, go to the CEO office and on the right click on the arrow up icon green one and reset skill with gems to get many gems.

  1. Download all APK files below
  2. Install Launcher
  3. Install Mod
  4. Open the launchpad then press the play button
  5. Done!!!!


In today’s life, many men think that a career is the most important thing to care about and things like friends, feelings, and family will be later. So many people encounter problems with romance, get married late, and cannot find a suitable girlfriend for themselves. Even if those people have become talented CEOs, they have a vast treasure but are still lonely and cannot find real love for themselves. Such stories are widespread in Asian countries, typically Japan. Therefore, Nutakun game developer has created a love simulation game for unmarried men focusing on career development.

About Fap CEO

With Fap CEO, you may experience the excitement of becoming the top boss in the entertainment sector! Take command of a talented team and guide your firm to success. As you advance through the ranks and become a capable CEO, you will be able to engage with the numerous attractive female characters who populate this anime-inspired environment.

Explore the worlds of business and romance in this one-of-a-kind dating and business simulation game. With so many beautiful women at your disposal, you may choose to create a connection with the one who strikes your eye. From team management to business growth, Fap CEO provides limitless opportunities for people seeking a life of excitement and achievement. Do not pass up your chance to control your destiny in this exciting game!

Manage and control hot girls.

You will have access to many gorgeous and brilliant ladies as the CEO of the entertainment business. Lead your staff of ambitious talents and grow your organization into a creative and innovative powerhouse. You will be one step closer to becoming a master of your art with each success.

Yet, Fap CEO provides more than simply business simulation. As you negotiate the competitive world of entertainment, you will have the opportunity to meet hundreds of stunning ladies. Participate in thrilling dating sims and form deep connections with these endearing characters.

This anime-style game provides limitless opportunities for adventure and romance. Do not pass up the chance to become a great Businessman while simultaneously fulfilling your dating sim ambitions. Play Fap CEO right now to realize your full potential.

More than a business simulation game

With good reason, Fap CEO reigns supreme among simulation games. It is not your typical company management game. Instead, it conceals a dating simulator that allows any man to be surrounded by many beautiful ladies and perhaps find a ravishingly attractive partner.

Fap CEO takes its players along the winding road of desire with this strange combo. Are they involved in the business? The plot of the game includes simulations of entertainment firm management. Are they interested in dating? Female personnel, fresh-faced and attractive female talents who continue to come to the organization, are potential candidates. Talking, wooing, learning, and overcoming obstacles may lead to finding the ideal girlfriend.

Grow your entertainment company

As the Fap CEO, the player embarks on a journey of business management. Initially, they run a small entertainment company, but with astute decision-making and resourceful management, the company soon grows. As the company’s custodian, the player manages everything on an increasingly grand scale. Moving from micro-management to macro management, they focus on people management, which is crucial to moving their entertainment company to a leading position.

Hiring staff, training, managing key positions, coordinating cash flow, investing in the right people at the right time, decorating the company, developing community relationships, focusing on PR, and investing in growing new talent are some crucial tasks the CEO must accomplish. The player can swiftly create the company to the desired level by excelling in these areas.

Being a CEO involves a lot of work, but the player need not worry as Fap CEO is primarily an idle simulation. While initially busy, once everything is in place, the player can sit back and watch the money pour into their pocket like clockwork.

Flirt with your employees and expand relationships

At first glance, the modus operandi of Fap CEO may appear conventional. It follows the standard approach of managing personnel and resources, gradually expanding and bolstering its reputation. However, beneath the surface lies a dating simulation game that beckons to the player’s romantic inclinations.

Unlike most businesses, managing Fap CEO requires minimal effort, leaving ample opportunity to pursue courtship with alluring virtual ladies.

It is a peculiar entertainment establishment, with a single male in a sea of captivating and comely women. Each female staff member possesses a unique allure, making it challenging for the player to choose the perfect mate.

The company specializes in adult entertainment services, and its female employees, or talents, are a valuable commodity. They effortlessly captivate audiences through live streaming, attracting lucrative advertising deals and boosting revenue. Thus, it is no surprise that numerous beautiful girls abound in this setting.

Make choices to master your relationships.

The path to love in this game is delicate, requiring the player to navigate a complex web of emotions that can arise from working alongside virtual colleagues.

Private encounters offer a more profound connection, allowing for candid conversations and intimate moments with the company’s women.

With each passing level, new opportunities to kindle romance emerge. Whether sending a suggestive email to a hardworking employee or confiding in a sisterly figure about the intricacies of adult love, the possibilities are endless. Interactions with the girls can range from casual chats to flirty exchanges of sexy selfies.

As the player grows more invested, a particular individual may stand out, igniting a flame that cannot be quelled. The next step is crucial – a decision to pursue a relationship. However, one must tread with the utmost caution, as mishandling such affairs may result in the loss of a valuable member of the team.

Glossy graphics

Fap CEO never fails to amaze its players with a slew of special events that take place regularly. Each event is an excellent opportunity to dig further into the lives of new characters, don elegant attire, gather a slew of seductive photos, and delight in the girls’ attractive new skins. Players madon’tconfident that the game will never lose its allure, thanks to regular game updates and new material. Fap CEO is a timeless masterpiece that never fails to enchant its audience.

The astonishingly attractive characters are one of the reasons for the game’s ongoing fascination. Fap CEO, created by a Japanese gaming studio, features impressive 2D graphics that are anime-esque. Each female character has its attractiveness, ranging from harsh, salty, sweet, charming, and exquisitely romantic. The accompanying voice acting is also appealing, contributing to the game’s enchantment. The stunning female talent has helped build a devoted fan base for this multi-year-old game.


MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money/Keys/Diamonds


  • Money Increases when you spend.


Not only does Fap CEO bring you entertainment, but it also helps you get used to how to chat, and flirt with girls with different personalities. From there, you can easily find your love in real life. You should try this fascinating game, even if you are already in love. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time making money and still have many hot girls, you can choose the version of Fap CEO MOD APK with our MOD money feature below.

Download MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems/Key) 1.113

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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