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Introducing Fantasy Farm – Farm game with an attractive twist

In fact, there are a lot of farm games today with so many different plots. All these games tend to be developed in the same concept of providing players with a certain amount of resources and their task is to build up their own larger farm. But the Fantasy Farm is totally different, the story is very interesting and quite lyrical, it is like a fairy tale.

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Fantasy Farm is an exciting new farm game, released by MHSoft in early August. This game is a completely different farm game from any other games of the same genre. To learn more about Fantasy Farm, you can refer to the below article.

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The scene in the game takes place in Eden – the mysterious land which was abandoned until the trees in the world were revived by the fairies. To do so, they had to collect the ancient rock fragments. But a dark cloud appeared and covered the whole land and the angels disappeared. The player getting involved in the game will take the role of Tee – a character looking for his lost child. When Tee comes to Eden, the dwarves and elves convinced Tee to stay and take care of the forest. One day, while caring for the world tree, Tee receives an important information about his missing brother… The condition to meet his lost brother is that all five of the world trees are well grown. And from here, Tee’s journey starts…

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Interesting gameplay

The attraction in Fantasy Farm is that besides building the farm, players need to solve the mystery that the game set out to find his brother. The pet system in the game is quite rich, so players can increase their stats, or improve their performance by sending them to other areas to get the secret ingredients. In addition, the game will create a multi-color multiplayer world. Gamers can interact with each other in many forms, even with a guild (clan) which you can use to communicate with friends.

In a nutshell

We can see that the Fantasy Farm game has a brand new story and totally different gameplay with the normal farm game. So Fantasy Farm will definitely be a great game in the coming time. Do not wait anymore to download the game right now to experience it!

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