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After watching movies like “2012”, “The Hunger Game”, “Zombieland”, “Terminator”… Have you ever asked yourself the question: What would I do if the earth had a disaster, and I was one of the lucky few to survive? – There is a game that can simulate such a reality, it is Fallout Shelter.

About Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a combination of extremely interesting simulation – survival – role-playing games. In this game, you will experience building a community and developing it to prosper through the disaster.

The plot of Fallout Shelter revolves around a nuclear disaster, everything on the planet Wasteland is devastated. You gather a small group of survivors of that disaster, your task is to maintain life on the WasteLand. To do this, you will need to ensure necessary resources such as electricity, water, food… for everyone. At the same time, you also need to pair them to continue spawning the next generations. But things are not only so easy, the outside world is full of threats. You may be attacked by radioactive mutant monsters or other evil survivors who want to take over your base. So, besides maintaining life, you also need to develop your community and base to deal with hostile forces.

When it was first released, Fallout Shelter quickly became a hot game loved by many people. Let’s find out why this game has won the “Best Google Play of the year” award in the article below.

Build your base!

Vault – your community base. At the game start screen, you will be able to build up to 3 vaults. This will be 3 separate games. Each Vault will have its unique key. But in my opinion, you only need to build 1 vault to focus on developing your base.

In your Vault, you can build a variety of rooms with different functions. But let’s focus on the 3 most basic elements: Electricity – water – food. In addition, if your population is overcrowded, you will have to build more Living Quarters to increase the capacity of the Vault. If you want to work deep underground, make sure you have an elevator to connect the floors.

Besides, some function rooms you can consider building such as Weapon Workshop, Medbay, Radio Studio… Finally, there are some specialized rooms to develop basic stats of people like Athletics Room, Classroom, Fitness room, Barbershop…

*To build some buildings, you need to reach a certain number of residents according to the requirements.

To build a base deeper into the ground, you will have to destroy obstacles. Obstacles are usually in the form of reefs. You will use Caps to destroy it. The larger the reef, the more Caps are consumed.

Community Development

To be able to thrive, your priority is to grow the population as much as possible. Thanks to that, you may have the human resources to produce and develop.

Upgrade your Vault. If you have a strong community and good facilities, the Dwellers – residents in Fallout Shelter will find you. Or you can build a Radio Studio to engage people. Of course, having more human resources is good, but make sure you can provide basic resources for them.

The easiest way to get more manpower is to make a baby, take a couple in Living Quarters, they will flirt and start to give birth. The woman will be pregnant for a while. Then the baby will be born. Every baby needs some time to mature. Make sure you can meet the resources when deciding to give birth!

Explore the Outer Lands

The world beyond your base is a mystery. You can send your people to explore it.

Adventurers will earn a lot of resources for you. The first is a personal experience that will help them level up. Next, are Caps earned while exploring. And the most valuable thing: items. These items can be armor, protective gear, and weapons. It is very hard to find this equipment. When equipping these items to the villagers, their stats will be greatly improved.

Be aware that, when you send people out to explore, they will face dangers outside. Make them a priority to install armor and weapons to increase their survivability. If the explorer goes further, they must return the same distance. This means that if you need human resources urgently, you will have to wait for him to find the way back.

Upgrade facilities

As the number of residents increases, you will need to upgrade the facilities to be able to meet their needs. Three things you always need to keep in mind and prioritize are electricity, water, and food. These are the basic needs to sustain life in the Vault. You can see the electricity, water, and food indicators at the top of the screen. The blue lines will tell you the minimums you have to ensure your people’s lives.

You can upgrade facilities rooms to increase production. This will consume your Caps. If you build two similar rooms of the same level next to each other, they will be combined into one large room. The large room will allow many employees to work in it.

Take this into account when deciding to upgrade your facilities. You can ask yourself: “Can you optimize output when upgrading?” – Indiscriminate upgrading can make you exhausted and no longer have spare Caps in necessary situations.

Complete missions to earn Caps

Caps are a currency in Fallout Shelter. You will need Caps to build and develop your base. It is used in building new function rooms or upgrading existing rooms.

Normally, your citizens will generate Caps as they work and level up. So this amount of Caps is quite meager, only a few Caps at a time. So, the most optimal way to earn a lot of Caps is to do quests.

The missions will appear continuously in the game. They have different difficulties and corresponding rewards.

Efficient resource management

Each inhabitant of your base has certain strengths. You can easily achieve high productivity at work if you allocate resources for work properly. The qualities of citizenship are divided according to the acronym SPECIAL:

  • S – Strength
  • P – Perception
  • E – Endurance
  • C – Charisma
  • I – Intelligence
  • A – Agility
  • L – Luck

These are fundamental attributes of citizenship. Some people will have higher stats than others. You should rely on that to assign them to do the right jobs. You can still divide the work arbitrarily, but that will not be able to optimize the quality of work.

*You can view the job matching stats by clicking on the function room.

Some dangers you will face

Life in Fallout Shelter is never easy. There will be challenges waiting for you.

The first is the “visiting” of the creatures in the ground. Those are radioactive monsters. They will come up from the ground and attack your people. Try to gather the people and destroy them as quickly as possible.

Next is the risk of fire. Your rooms may catch on fire. That’s right, a fire in the ground! Fires will occur randomly in function rooms. The urgent thing you need to do when there is a fire is to put human resources to put out the fire. If you delay, the fire will spread everywhere and injure people.

Finally, the invaders from the outside. They are survivors looking to break into your Vault to attack people and loot. You will be warned when the enemy approaches the Vault door. When you see signs of attack, line up strong men inside ready to fight. If you kill these enemies, you will receive equipment such as armor and weapons, sometimes a large number of Caps.

Your people can die in the face of these dangers. Pay attention to their vitality bar. You might consider building Medbay to craft healing potions. You can also revive villagers with Caps (which will cost a lot)

Note one thing: when faced with dangers, pregnant women will always run away. Try to protect them at all costs!

MOD APK of Fallout Shelter

Caps are an absolute necessity in Fallout Shelter. With it, you can easily develop anything. However, getting a lot of Caps is always a big challenge. If you want to grow your base and community the fastest, get the MOD APK version of Fallout Shelter Unlimited Money at APKmazon.com.

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MOD Info:

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Role-playing survival games are always very attractive and popular. With Fallout Shelter, you also learn how to control resources properly. Let’s see if you can build a strong community. Download Fallout Shelter to your smartphone now and experience it!

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