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  • Publisher: Elex
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 100M
  • Latest Version: 2.003
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  • Date Updated: January 3, 2019

Introducing Fallen World: Jurassic survivor – Elex’s survival game

Going into the new year of 2019, but the trend of survival game is still very hot among players around the world. Recently, the current famous game company Elex with many attractive strategy games have also stepped into the trend with a survival game called Fallen World: Jurassic survivor. This will be an extremely exciting survival game that you will definitely love it.

Fallen World Jurassic survivor 1

Fallen World: Jurassic survivor has just been released on January 2 recently, currently supports only the Android platform via Google Play, and the iOS version has yet to announce the release time. This game will take the content of the ancient dinosaur world to develop a unique survival game, unlike any other survival game. Fallen World: Jurassic survivor will give you a completely new experience in today’s survival game trends.

Background of the game

Coming to Fallen World: Jurassic survivor, the game will take you into an ancient world where dinosaurs and Jurassic zombies exist next to each other. In the vast, apocalyptic Jurassic world, you only have one goal to survive. You must find ways to survive in this world, not only you but many other players will join you in this survival war. Moreover, the dinosaur world will appear bloodthirsty zombies, so you will encounter many different dangers.

Fallen World Jurassic survivor 2

Unique survival gameplay

Basically, Fallen World: Jurassic survivor is still like other survival game when you will have to collect, chop and hunt for the resources, craft tools, and weapons. And also, you should build the shelter for yourself. You will cooperate with other players, against the invasion of the Infected. You may think that you have to fight fierce dinosaurs in the game, but actually not. You will tame and breed all kinds of dinosaurs to fight for you. Here are the things you need to know to experience this game.

Fallen World Jurassic survivor 3

Tame the fierce dinosaurs

In this world, you will meet the almost extinct animals for a long time – the dinosaurs. You will see Stegosaurus, Ankylizard, T-Rex and more. These dinos can be tamed to be your pet and fight with you together in the last days of surviving. Not only a mount, it is also a companion in your adventure. Not simply taming the types of dinosaurs available, you can even breed them into genetically superior dinosaurs!

Destroy all Zombies

This world is also being destroyed by a virus, which makes all humans turn into harmful zombies everywhere. The virus turns people into evil forms like Infected, Lurker, Sprinters, Behemoths, etc. They hide everywhere, as long as you don’t notice, they immediately appear to attack you. With the starting of bare hand, you need to gather resources, build your weapons to fight these bloodthirsty zombies.

Fallen World Jurassic survivor 4

Build your own shelter

Like other survival games, you will have to build a shelter to avoid the attack of bloodthirsty Zombies. But it’s not just about building because you will encounter more and more dangers, so you have to upgrade your shelter. Through battles and materials, you will upgrade your residence into a perfect survival fortress to cross the Jurassic era.

Survive with many other players

You will not live alone in this world bu but there are also many other players. So resources are very scarce, players will have to scramble to survive. Conquer, explore anonymous lands with other people around the world to find abundant resources for you. Either you combine with other players to survive, or you compete and pillage them.

Vivid 3D graphics

Fallen World: Jurassic survivor’s gameplay is extremely attractive, and plus the beautiful graphics will give you the best experience. Fallen World: Jurassic survivor is developed with high-quality 3D graphics. A vast world is built up in great detail, giving you the feeling of directly living in this dinosaur world. The shaping characters, dinosaurs and even zombies in the game are very eye-catching. Overall, graphics are an impressive feature of Fallen World: Jurassic survivor, it attracts the player’s attention right from the first glance.

Download Fallen World: Jurassic survivor APK

Not only are the attractive features above, but developer Elex is preparing to introduce more exciting new features such as: Guild System, Refugee mercenary system and many Co-op Destruction modes. players in the upcoming updates of the new version. Certainly Fallen World: Jurassic survivor will be a popular game in the future. So do not hesitate to download the game in the link below right now!

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