Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go
Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go

Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go MOD APK (Full Patched) 1.6.1

Changes the location on your phone on the fly, now with routes and joystick

App NameFake GPS Joystick & Routes Go
Publisher IncorporateApps
MOD InfoFull Patched
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About Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go

Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go is a flexible program that allows users to easily alter where they are now located. The app covers any situation, whether you want to skip an event or share your location with pals while your phone is experiencing minor issues. The application provides a streamlined and adaptable user experience by providing several different modes of operation. These modes include Expert Mode, No Root Mode, Fake GPS Joystick, Automated Movement, and Automated Altitude.

Various Methods of Operation

Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go provides customers with a diverse selection of operation modes, enabling them to shift their location seamlessly. The application has an Expert Mode, instructing users to delete the previous version from the system before installing new versions or making any changes. While the Fake GPS Joystick is ideal when flying in GPS mode, the No Root Mode, accessible on Android versions 6.0 and higher, offers superior spoofing capabilities. In addition, the application features a mode called Automated Movement that enables automatic movement around a location within a radius and an Automated Altitude mode that allows for mechanical height changes. Users can access other methods, including History and Favorites and the Settings mode, enabling them to adjust various settings, including the update interval, speed, altitude, accuracy, and spoofing. The application also offers Root support for mock location disabled and Tasker app integration along with adb shell commands for routes and joystick. Users can create Fake GPS Go Routes with ease.

How to Employ

The use of this app is uncomplicated and uncomplicated to understand. To get started, you’ll need to move the map and click on the icon that looks like a crosshair or a center point. When it comes to routing, you can add waypoints by holding down on the map for a while. The user can also control fly GPS mode with the built-in fake GPS joystick.


Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go needs specific permissions to perform to its full potential. Access to the internet is required to display the map view, and the ability to write to and read from an SD card is needed to import and export favorites and history (coming soon). You can simulate your current location by accessing the Coarse and Fine Location settings and enabling Allow mimic locations in the Developer settings (Applications) menu.

Constantly Improving, Always Bringing a Better Experience to the Table

The app is constantly working to improve its services and provide enhanced user experiences. Users can fool the application into thinking they are elsewhere and modify their location to anything they choose, whether a rest stop or an exercise facility. The program is ideal for anyone who wants to avoid particular occurrences or spend additional time engaging in activities that bring them joy.

The Best Fraudulent Root Mode

Users can modify their location and use it as proof to dodge certain events when they use the Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go root mode, which is the scam root mode available. Because it is simple to operate and consistently provides users with useful functions, this application is the best fake mode application.

Do You Require a Bogus GPS Control?

Anyone requiring a bogus GPS control will find the app the ideal solution. The application gives users access to the perfect solution, whether they wish to steer clear of particular occurrences or inform their acquaintances of their current position. Users can build their moments and add any location to the app using a phony GPS joystick.

Change Our Location All

Users can change their location quickly and conveniently thanks to Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go. The application gives a fantastic answer for any situation, whether you want to trick your loved ones or send a picture with geotag information. Once you have added a location to the program, the places around you will constantly shift to provide the ideal location for another spoofing. The areas depicted on this virtual map accurately represent the natural world within a given radius.

Automatically High

The app is the most effective for lying about where you are. The categories it displays have the appearance of the real thing, and it offers automaticity, making it simple for users to enter a few minor coordinates or names to show the area they want to exhibit. Users can escape suspicion by sending their whereabouts to their pals through the application. After a location has been entered, users can access the history section to see the areas they “faked” at certain times of the day.

Simple in Operation

Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go’s user interface is intuitive. Following a few straightforward steps, users can transform their current place into any other location, regardless of how far away it is. When a user enters a virtual area, the app stores each category and generates an item in the history database. This allows users to check up on previous entries readily. This application provides the best location spoofing application currently available on the market. It contains all of the specific origins for the location users wish to deactivate, allowing them to get desired outcomes.


Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go is an excellent application for anyone who wants to shift their location on the fly. The application provides users with several different modes of operation that make it simple for them to fake their location. This is useful for users who wish to avoid particular events, share their place with others, or create their moments. Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go provides its consumers with the most seamless and practical location spoofing experience possible thanks to its intuitive design and high level of automation.

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