Download FAITH APK v1.07.00 - Nexon Company's newest RPG

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  • Publisher: NEXON Company
  • Platforms: Android 4.4+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 98M
  • Latest Version: 1.07.00
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: May 10, 2019

NEXON Company is one of the world’s leading game companies from Korea. They are very famous for their role-playing and strategy games, which are popular in many countries around the world. Recently, a new product was released by NEXON Company called FAITH, a fascinating role-playing game waiting for you to discover.


This game has the full name of FAITH – フ ェ イ ス, released by Nexon Company on November 20 for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. However, this new game was released only in Korean and is limited to some countries. Shortly after its release, FAITH was welcomed by many players, and it topped the AppStore catalog. Before downloading the game, you can refer to this below review of ApkMazon. In addition, we will guide you how to download the game at the end of the article.

FAITH – Nexon Company’s newest role-playing game


The game FAITH APK takes players to an open world, where the battle between the Galanos and Dalcan alliance is taking place. This is a battle of authority and power. Will this world be the place of a coalition for freedom or a worthy empire? These two forces will compete for the territory, which will continue until one side is defeated. result. Joining the FAITH APK, you will choose either side to start the war unending.


Role-playing style

In terms of gameplay, FAITH APK is still a familiar role-playing game which allows you to choose any character to begin the journey of adventure. In the world in which half the players are your enemies, you are forced to fight them in the real-time battles. You can choose the single-player mode or multi-player mode. Just defeat the enemy during the “Deathmatch”, fight in the enclosure of the enemy forces and the boss. You will lead the army and your own forces to win the fierce battle with the strongest forces.


With the real-time PvP mode, you can choose from a variety of other small modes to experience. The two main modes are PvP 4vs4 and the classic board game for up to 20 vs 20 people who are fighting for territory and the goal of conquering the terrible BOSS in the six “raid dungeons”. After conquering this terrible BOSS, you will receive a lot of valuable rewards.

Graphics and sound

The most notable thing that players highly appreciate in the game FAITH APK is the top-notch graphics. FAITH was developed with high-quality 3D graphics, which is quite simple with Nexon, a well-known Korean developer. From the creation of the character, the image building, wallpaper, landscape … to the small details such as costumes, character characteristics, … are extremely detailed and eye-catching. The highlight is the beautiful animation character system. You can customize your character from the costume, face, hair, skin color, etc. The character system is voiced by 6 actors, which will provide the best sound quality. The sound effects in battle also give players the best experience ever.


Download FAITH APK

FAITH is regarded as a high-quality game today thanks to the live 3D graphics and attractive roleplaying game. It can be seen that FAITH will be a successful product in the future of Nexon Company. Regrettably, at the moment, the game is only available in Korean, and players will have some difficulty with the language barrier. Perhaps the international version of FAITH will be released soon. If you want to try the Korean version of FAITH, just select the link below of ApkMazon.

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