FAB Adblocker Browser:Adblock
FAB Adblocker Browser:Adblock

FAB Adblocker Browser:Adblock MOD APK (Premium unlocked)

Private Browser & Fast VPN. ︎Block banner & video ads! Browser with private mode

App NameFAB Adblocker Browser:Adblock
Publisher Adblock – Rocketshield Browser Technology Limited
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoPremium unlocked
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About FAB Adblocker Browser

Adblock Private Browser is a new browser that provides a superior web browsing and entertainment experience without irritating advertisements. It ensures the security of users and offers them a private surfing service, protecting their privacy. This browser also supports VPN servers that eliminate restrictions on the web, enable you to view documents, particularly comics, and download films across several devices with a single click.

In this complete review, we will explore the characteristics of Adblock Private Browser, what sets it unique from other browsers, and why all internet users must have it.

FAB Adblocker Browser mod apk download

Ad Blocker for Videos

Adblock Private Browser disables video advertisements, delivering an ad-free experience when viewing videos on websites. You will not lose time watching advertisements prior to playing the video, since the videos begin playing immediately. Our private browser shields you from unwanted tracking advertisements on video websites, ensuring a flawless video viewing experience.

Blocker for Pop-up Ads

The most frustrating aspect of web browsing is the pop-up that displays on the screen and, when dismissed, redirects the user to an unfamiliar website. Adblock Private Browser helps stop these unpleasant pop-ups, preventing you from being diverted to an unexpected page. With this browser, browsing is effortless, quick, and secure.

Adblocker for Banner Advertising

Adblock Private Browser lets you get rid of all banner advertisements, making them vanish, ensuring that you have a super-clean website and a private surfing experience.

Private Browser, Secure, and Private

Adblock Private Browser is a private browser that always blocks third-party advertising cookies, protecting your privacy. In incognito mode, your browsing history is not preserved, and you can even apply a password to this browser to prioritize your privacy.

Prevent Cross-Domain Cookie Tracking

Big data and analytics organizations constantly employ cross-domain tracking cookies to monitor your browsing habits and make assumptions about your interests in order to offer customized adverts. Adblock Private Browser prevents cookies that monitor your browsing behavior between websites, protecting the confidentiality of your data.

No logs and Speedy VPN

Adblock Private Browser offers a free, logless, and limitless VPN proxy that protects your online privacy and security. It allows you to access your preferred website, enhances your gaming experience, and prevents your personal privacy data from being monitored. With its fast VPN connection and reliable VPN server, you may freely and swiftly access any website.

Comic Mode offers a very immersive reading experience

Comic Mode eliminates clutter, advertisements, and distractions, in addition to offering full-screen mode and auto-run functionality. While reading comics in the website’s comic mode, the comic material will be pre-loaded to guarantee a seamless viewing experience. The ad-free, full-screen mode offers an immersive reading experience, ensuring that you will love reading comics.

Download Everything with a Single Click

Adblock Private Browser facilitates the downloading of videos from several sites, including Tik Tok, YouTube, and others. You may locate the desired video with a single click, and the browser will download it automatically. Moreover, you may build a video folder for pleasure.

Extra Attributes

On the private browser’s homepage, Adblock Private Browser provides extra services, such as the display of real-time and 10-day forecasted weather. You may enhance your reading experience in reader mode, making it simpler and quicker to read books and news articles. You may also alter the theme of the private browser to add color to your surfing experience. It allows you to password-protect your private browser, guaranteeing that your privacy is always secured. Also, you may enable private mode and incognito mode to delete your whole browser history and leave no trace.


Adblock Private Browser is an absolute must for all internet users. It delivers a safe, secure, and private surfing experience and removes all unwanted advertisements, pop-ups, and banner ads. Its ad-blocker for videos enables uninterrupted viewing of videos, while its fast VPN connection and dependable VPN server allow you to surf all types of websites freely and rapidly.

Its comic mode offers an immersive reading experience, and its one-click download function makes it simple to download videos across several devices. Adblock Private Browser is a complete browser that caters to all of your surfing needs, with additional features such as displaying real-time and ten-day forecasted weather on the private homepage.

Download FAB Adblocker Browser:Adblock MOD APK (Premium unlocked)

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