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F-Sim | Space Shuttle 2 MOD APK (Paid) 1.2.51

App NameF-Sim | Space Shuttle 2
Publisher SkyTale Software GmbH
Require6.0 and up
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Manage the shuttle’s dashboard to land it safely. The next version of SkyTale’s spaceship landing simulation game has officially been released globally! Are you ready to download it?

About F-Sim | Space Shuttle

After the great success of F-Sim, the developer SkyTale Software GmbH has released the next version of this exciting spaceship driving simulation game. Basically, the core gameplay of the game has not changed much. The main task of the player is to master the cockpit of a space shuttle that is landing on Earth. It sounds simple and boring, but the actual gameplay can surprise you. The game simulates everything realistically and meticulously how the pilot (you) has to master a complex control panel while controlling various physical factors including engine thrust, wind direction, drag, gravity…

Space Shuttle 2 hit the App Store on August 2nd this year before continuing on to other platforms including Windows, Console, and Android. The Android version is available on the Play Store and early December.

Similar to the original title, Space Shuttle 2 is a paid game. Depending on the platform, the price of the game also varies. Currently, you can buy it at the Play Store for $4.99. The game has no ads, no in-app purchases. In case you do not have a VISA or Paypal account available to pay for developer support, you can choose to download the APK file we provide below. Of course, now you can install and enjoy the game completely for free.

F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 mod apk download

Desktop class Flight Simulation

As we said, the developer did not make too many changes to the gameplay in this predecessor because it was really almost perfect. Basically, the gameplay of the game retains the same core elements as the original title. Instead, the developer made a huge leap in graphics.

You know, the difference in hardware power makes games run on Windows and Console always have high performance and better graphics than the mobile version. This inconvenience does not occur on Space Shuttle 2. It means that the graphic quality of the versions on all platforms is comparable. No matter what device you’re using, you’ll have a synchronized playing experience with high-quality visuals and immersive sound.

Realistic flight dynamics

Space Shuttle 2 lets you explore the work of an astronaut with a mission to land a space shuttle from space to earth. We believe you cannot imagine what would happen when landing a space shuttle. It is the job that you will discover in this game.

Space Shuttle 2 simulates how the astronauts control the space shuttle to land on the ground. It is a job that requires absolute precision. The developer has done a great job of simulating in detail and meticulously the steps that astronauts have to do when controlling the space shuttle. More than just a casual simulation game on mobile, Space Shuttle 2 offers amazingly detailed gameplay with a good mix of realistic physics and stunning graphics.

You start the game in space between 10 and 50,000 feet above the ground, where the space shuttle is preparing to land on earth. Clearly, every control panel year is in your hands. Your task is to make the alignments to get the space shuttle to land correctly at the airport. There are many different factors that affect the outcome of a landing. Don’t worry if you can’t land in the right spot because the game’s automatic analysis system will base on your flight results to make recommendations for the next landing.

F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 features

New orbit Mode

Compared to its predecessor, the Orbit Mode in Space Shuttle 2 has been expanded. There are two factors that you need to control in Orbiter: pitch and roll. They greatly affect the shuttle’s journey. Alternatively, you can switch to the on-screen analog bar. Autopilot is available to optimize the landing route. When you activate this mode, the steering wheel, speed brake, gear, and slide will be controlled automatically. Of course, you can completely drive manually if you want to add a challenge. For new players, the game offers virtual assistants consisting of moving rectangles to visualize the ship’s approach. Always pay attention to the corridors of the rectangles because it is the operating range of the shuttle. You must control so that the shuttle is always in this area to land accurately at the airport.

New landing sites

The space shuttles had to land at fixed locations. They are usually Military airbases. Compared to its predecessor, Space Shuttle 2 offers more options for landing because there are new locations. You can land the shuttle at Edward Air Force Base or Kennedy Space Center. They are two of the new locations.

Thanks to the high-quality graphics platform, the game simulates in detail and realistically the military bases where you will land. SkyTale Studios has also planned new updates in the future. It promises to add new landing sites.

Authentic HUD

The game’s control HUD is sure to overwhelm you the first time you play it. It includes a lot of control buttons and parameters such as altitude, pressure, wind speed, distance from the ground… Everything is extremely complicated but that is the point that creates the attraction of the game. This game because it perfectly simulates the real-life driver of the space shuttle!

F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 gameplay

Gamepad Support

Space Shuttle 2 supports a gamepad like its predecessor. It means the game allows you to connect to a gamepad then enjoy the game with physical controls. The game currently supports the most popular gamepads including Xbox360, Dualshock 4, Gamesir… In case your device can’t connect directly to the gamepad to play, you can use a connection booster. popular connectors such as Octopus PRO or Panda Gamepad PRO.

The gaming experience with a gamepad will definitely be many times better than with a traditional driver. However, in some cases, it is recommended to perform touch controls.

MOD APK of F-Sim | Space Shuttle 2

MOD info

Paid/Patche: As mentioned, Space Shuttle 2 is a premium game on the Play Store where you need to pay $4.99 before downloading it. However, with the mod version we provide below, you can install and play it completely for free.

Note: Space Shuttle 2 offers many features and high-quality graphics, so your device needs to run Android 6.0 minimum with 4GB ram and Snapdragon 850 processor or higher for the best gaming experience.

Download F-Sim | Space Shuttle 2 MOD APK (Paid) 1.2.51

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