Evil Nun Rush

Evil Nun Rush MOD APK (Unlimited Money/ Menu MOD) 1.0.7

App NameEvil Nun Rush
Publisher Keplerians Horror Games
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money/ Menu MOD
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The evil nun has returned and brought many haunts for all players in Evil Nun Rush. Run, solve the puzzles and uncover the secrets of the Evil Nun universe in this thrilling game.

About Evil Nun Rush

Following the success of the horror game series, Keplerians released Evil Nun Rush which scares players with many events. The item that contains the secret in this game is the grail. The enemy chasing you in this dark race continues to be Sister Madeline. This journey is more challenging than you think. It’s not just about chasing and killing. You have to use your logical thinking to solve all the puzzles. Eagle Middle School landmarks are constantly changing and overwhelming. Stay awake to survive and find the secret of the relationship between William Bismarck and the evil nun.

Keplerians are also the creators of several popular horror games on the Play Store such as Ice Scream 6 Friends: CharlieMr. Meat.

Evil Nun Rush gameplay

The plot of the game

William Bismarck, the boy with blue hands is the main character in this story. He gets lost in Eagle’s Middle School, where the evil Madeline resides. If this boy wants to survive and escape this place, he has to find the secret of the grail through the clues. The story between him and the devil is also a mystery that needs to be solved. Through exploring and collecting enough clues, the mystery will be solved, and he will be brought back to the real world.


Your main task in Evil Nun Rush is to run away, solve puzzles and perform quests to escape the school. Also, try to solve puzzles to collect map pieces leading to the grail. You can control your character with movement buttons. Besides, while exploring, don’t forget to collect power-up cards to fight enemies. Focus on searching carefully for all the objects you see along the way.

In addition, you must pay attention to the direction because if you are not careful, you can easily get lost. After each mission, you will get more experience and gold. Use gold to buy the necessary items to fight Madeline quickly. Finally, don’t let Madeline and her gang catch you because she will kill you instantly.

Escape from the evil pursuit

Your obsession doesn’t stop at Sister Madeline. Her teammates are more than you think and ready to take your life. You will have to escape the pursuit of Rooster, a fierce chicken. It runs fast, and you don’t know when it will appear and knock you down with its beak strikes. Besides, you will have to face Mr.C, an ugly bird. It’s always looking to kill you as fast as it can. Finally, besides avoiding these two enemies in Evil Nun Rush, do not forget to escape the pursuit of Sister Madelin. The reason is that she will use her heavy hammer to send you off to the new world.

Evil Nun Rush features

Eight crucial skills you need to acquire

Sister Madeline can find you anytime and kill you. Therefore, you need to use your skills to fight this evil nun. Evil Nun Rush gives you up to 8 skills to fight and overcome challenges. These skills will appear as cards. You will see these cards as you move around the school. Skills and support items you can collect to use during the game include:

  • Speedy shoes: With these shoes, you can speed up and escape the pursuit of your enemies
  • Gloves: Using these gloves, you can interact more effectively with objects in the environment
  • Magic Magnet: Use this magnet to grab distant objects without moving closer to them
  • Ethereal pendant: When using this tool, you will become a ghost, and Sister Medaline cannot see you until this tool expires
  • Egg-gun: This gun helps you defeat opponents quickly with a series of mutant chicken eggs.
  • Devil’s stone: With this stone, you can quickly move to the opposite side of the enemy. They won’t catch you.
  • X-ray glasses: These powerful glasses will help you see objects hidden in the walls. These objects are crucial clues to help you solve the puzzle.
  • Escapist Compass: It can save you in critical situations.

Test your skills and bravery through different levels

Evil Nun Rush offers many levels and chapters to test your courage and puzzle skills. Each chapter will have many levels on different floors. You can’t predict exactly what challenges and enemies will appear in these levels. Each level will lead you to a different location in Eagle Middle School. It could be a library, dining room or reading room, etc.

The objects and puzzles that appear in these landmarks are also different. You need to find the correct answers to the puzzles by interacting with the objects in the game. Try to observe and pay attention to every little detail in the game to find the puzzle pieces. The level will be rated by stars. Therefore, the more challenges you complete, the 3/3 stars you can get. When you reach the required number of stars, you can unlock new chapters and continue to uncover the secret behind the game.

MOD APK of Evil Nun Rush

MOD info

  • Energy increases as you spend them.
  • Menu MOD: You can use the floating menu (circle) to activate the MOD function. The “Stupid BOT” mod feature makes it impossible for bots to deal damage to your character.


If you are a fan of survival horror games, Evil Nun Rush is a great game that you should not miss. Download this game now to experience the feeling of surprise and challenge your puzzle skills.

Download Evil Nun Rush MOD APK (Unlimited Money/ Menu MOD) 1.0.7

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