Eternal Rhapsody APK for Android - Action Square's new RPG

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Eternal Rhapsody 4


  • Publisher: Action Square
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 61.6MB
  • Latest Version: 1.2.3
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: December 17, 2018

Action Square is a well-known Korean-based game developer who has been very successful with the two role-playing games Blade and Blade II. Recently, the company has opened the solf-launch for the new RPG game called Eternal Rhapsody on Google Play. However, at present Eternal Rhapsody games are only released in certain countries. If you want to experience the game, you can only download it through the APK version at the bottom of this article. But first of all, we will discover what special thing this game has.

Eternal Rhapsody 4

Eternal Rhapsody – Action Square’s new role-playing game

Tactical role-playing style

Eternal Rhapsody is a mobile game developed in the turn-based tactical role-playing style. This is a game not for simple minded players because it requires you to have a very strategic management of resources and human resources. Joining Eternal Rhapsody, you will be in a vast fantasy world where you are not only adventurous on the ground but also coming to the waters with giant sea monsters. Just like other traditional role-playing games, Eternal Rhapsody will still have PvE based on the plot. In this mode, you will complete a chain of quests, deal with enemies, exploit precious materials and seek the power to put your name in the world of Eternal Rhapsody. In addition to the usual ground battles, you can also fight in the water and face giant monsters.

Eternal Rhapsody 1

Role-playing games usually require you to direct a combat team and focus entirely on attacking. But in the game Eternal Rhapsody, it is not so simple. You will have to manage operations to three different teams: fighting, trading, and exploitation. So you will have a hard time in each battle to win the game.

Eternal Rhapsody 2

With each such team, you must collect the appropriate characters for that ability, choosing the right character is very important in each match. Fighters will need powerful characters to fight against enemies, monsters, bosses and even duels with other players. The trading platform is used to display transactions across different kingdoms. And finally, the mining team uses to search for and exploit precious materials and materials to make weapons and armor for you … You must have the right strategy in balancing the economy, transaction risk and resources management.

High-quality 3D graphics

Action Square is a well-known developer so they have brought a high-quality role-playing game both in gameplay and in graphics. Eternal Rhapsody is made up of impressive¬†3D graphics and visuals in a fantasy-inspired game. From character creation, movement, environmental effects, skill effects … everything is carefully invested to bring a great feeling to the player. Especially with the battle on the sea, it is also extremely animated with the effect of water bubbles, eye-catching waves. Character creation is also a strong point of this game with the character looking like the famous Fantasy game.

Eternal Rhapsody 3

Download Eternal Rhapsody APK

With a variety of tactics and high-quality 3D graphics, Eternal Rhapsody APK is a really cool game. Certainly, Eternal Rhapsody will be a successful product of Action Square in the future. The Eternal Rhapsody game is currently only available for the Philippines and Malaysia as experimental, while the official version will probably be released in early 2019. We will update the official Eternal Rhapsody version as soon as possible for you. Finally, you can play Eternal Rhapsody through the APK file below for free.

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