Escape from Chernobyl APK- New horror survival game by Atypical Games

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Escape From Chernobyl 1

Chernobyl has always been a mysterious area since the infamous nuclear disaster in 1986. Since then, this area, as well as, the neighboring town Pripyat has literally become a dead land, which means the extremely high level of radiation affected almost all life within a radius of 30 kilometers. This whole area is called “The Exclusion Zone”.

Escape From Chernobyl 1

There are many horror games developed based on the mystery of this area, most of them have the gameplay to challenge the player. And recently, a new survival game developed with content from the Chernobyl area has quickly gained the attention of the global gamers. It’s called Escape from Chernobyl. This is a new product of Atypical Games, a well-known developer today. Let’s take a look at this new game Escape from Chernobyl and we will show you how to download games.

Escape from Chernobyl – New horror survival game

Thrilling survival gameplay

As mentioned above, the title Escape from Chernobyl has the set from the mysterious Chernobyl area. Joining the game, you will become a trapper in that area when the nuclear disaster took place. But do not just run away from the fallout and the ghosts, you also have to face the consequences Chernobyl left behind. The local workers and residents have become mutated zombies, they are nothing more than crazy hunger.

Escape From Chernobyl 2

So Escape from Chernobyl is a horror game more than a survival one, where players will have to go through the abandoned factories and radioactive tunnels. Controlling the character from the first point of view, players always have to be careful behind the back because an uncertain object can jump into you within just a blink of an eye.

Moreover, gamers don’t always have guns. Sometimes all you have is a just a hammer for self-defense. Because of this vital element, Escape from Chernobyl gives the player the opportunity to move in silence, trying to escape from the aliens instead of trying to run and attack the monster as in other games.

Escape From Chernobyl 3

Super realistic graphics for more horrible

Escape from Chernobyl is a horror-themed survival game, so it’s equipped with a crisp, realistic 3D background. All images in the game are dark colors with sharp quality, for players to experience the most lively. Especially for characters and zombies in the game is also very eye-catching.

Download Escape from Chernobyl APK

Here we can confirm that Escape from Chernobyl is a great survival game, which will certainly be a great success in the near future. It is expected that Escape from Chernobyl will be released on Mobile in early August, perhaps the version on the AppStore for iOS will be released before August 9, while the version for Android still has no specific information. ApkMod will update the download link soon so you can experience this game.

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