ES File Explorer MOD APK (VIP/ Premium )

App NameES File Explorer
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoVIP/ Premium

Are you looking for a file manager application with powerful, simple, and fully functional features? ES File Explorer will meet your needs with its intuitive interface and fantastic management features.

About ES File Explorer

How many minutes does it take you to search for a file? Are all the files and documents you’ve downloaded properly organized? If you find it difficult to answer, let ES File Explorer do the work mentioned in the question above for you. It is a full-featured file manager and is compatible with a wide range of devices. Whether basic or advanced file management functions, it can serve you. This file manager also has cloud storage and application management functionality. With the management of this tool, all the files, apps, and documents you have downloaded will be managed efficiently and with maximum security. Plus, its interface is also friendly and intuitive so that all users know how to use it. In addition, this tool also offers many exciting features that only when you discover, you will feel how handy it is.

ES File Explorer was born in 2012 on the Play Store. It is one of the best file managers for Android that you should trust. For some reason, the application was removed from the app market in 2020. However, until now the application still receives great support when it has millions of monthly users.

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Key features of ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer offers tons of useful features that make it easy to manage files on your Android device. Here are the features this app offers.

Powerful File Manager on Android

ES File Explorer is a powerful tool that helps you manage all the files on your Android device. Files on Android devices are divided into two groups, including personal files and system files. Unlike iOS, Android is an open operating system so it allows users to access and edit system files. ES File Explorer provides a powerful manager to help you work with these files and folders. The application flexibly and scientifically organizes the system files in the device so that you can easily access and search them. However, we recommend that you don’t make changes to the system files if you’re not sure what you’re doing because it could harm your device.

You need to pay more attention to your personal files because they are taking up most of your device storage. These include multimedia files (photos, videos), installer files, documents, and many more file types. ES File Explorer helps you categorize these files and place them in the appropriate categories. So when you want to use a certain file but don’t remember its name, you can access the classified folder and easily find it.

Transfer files quickly between PC and smartphone

ES File Explorer allows users to copy files from PC to Smartphone and vice versa. These conversion operations are very professional and save time. As long as two devices are connected to the same wifi network or wifi hotspot, you can make the switch immediately. To do the conversion, access the Windows and macOS folder via LAN. Moreover, you can add, delete or edit these files directly on the phone. With the edits you have made, it will be saved immediately. Thus, every time you reopen this file, you can view the latest versions or continue editing.


Find capacity solutions through a memory usage graph.

Every time the system says your device does not have enough storage space, what do you do? Don’t you guess which app takes up the most space and delete it? With ES File Explorer’s memory management feature, you won’t need to spend time doing this. Not only the amount of remaining space in your memory is shown on the homepage, but you can also see the memory graph that the system has created. The memory mapping function helps you analyze capacity results in the form of graphs. Through this graph, you will know which file/folder is using the largest memory.

If many apps take up a large amount of memory, you can delete them all at once. The feature of deleting multiple applications simultaneously that this tool provides saves you a lot of time deleting each of them individually. In addition, you can free up your memory space through the cleaner feature. This feature will automatically delete files you don’t use for a long time. You will get a message to delete unnecessary files. Only when you agree will this feature delete these files. In addition, you can also recover deleted files through the Recycle Bin.

Search local files

Just have a keyword about the file you want to search; ES File Explorer will get results in seconds. If you don’t want to use keywords, searching by category is also an excellent way to get the file you need. To search by keyword, in the search bar, let enter your keyword. To search by category, click on the image, audio, video, or document category for a successful search. If these two operations don’t get you results, try an advanced search by file size or date they were modified or created.

Hide feature helps protect private documents

No one wants others to have access to documents containing their confidential data. To help users protect these documents, ES File Explorer provides the Hide feature. With this feature, you can set a password for your private files. This operation is manual. Therefore, you need to select the file to be secured, then set the password you want. Every time you want to access these files, you need to enter the password you set earlier. If someone tries to access it, the system will automatically alert you. As a result, your documents are always protected from prying eyes.

Intuitive interface with optimal operation

You can find the necessary utilities on the same main interface without working on too many buttons. All information on the homepage is presented scientifically. You can access internal memory, memory card, kinds of file types. With frequently used tools, you can customize or add them to your homepage for quick access. Besides, in favorites, let add the files or folders you want to access more easily.

In addition, the swipe gestures on ES File Explorer are also optimized and smooth. If you want to open a folder in one operation, the “Gesture” function will help you. To open the Quick menu or manage windows, swipe the left edge. Moreover, by swiping from the center of the screen left or right, you can quickly switch the window to other features you want. All your files are efficiently managed, so with just a few taps, you’ve got your needs covered.

ES File Explorer-VIP-features

MOD APK of ES File Explorer (PRO)

Premium/ VIP features

ES File Explorer is a free application to install, but many features on the application are limited. You need to sign up for Premium membership to receive special benefits. Here are all benefits for Premium members:

  • Auto backup: Your files including photos, videos, audio will be automatically stored in the cloud. After archiving is complete, you can delete files on local storage to free up space. Your files in the cloud are completely secure.
  • Advanced file analysis features: Support features such as intelligent filtering of duplicate files
  • Delete home window: Support to delete the homepage and customize the operation page
  • Sidebar management: Customize app sidebar items for quick access to your favorite sections.
  • No ads: All ads have been removed
  • View .nomedia: Easily find and show all hidden media files in the system. You can then delete them if you want.
  • Video Editting: Quickly edit videos. Actually there are only basic options that allow you to change the ratio and speed of the video. In case you want a professional video editor, we recommend Inshot PRO.
  • Premium Theme: Easy to change theme. Choose one from a collection of exclusive themes for VIP members only.
  • Video to GIF: Easily convert short videos to GIF files.

MOD info

  • All Premium features unlocked. You can use them completely for free.
  • Stock graphics
  • Version completely in black tone (resources and dex)
  • Removed splash screen
  • Removed duplicate graphics and languages other than Russian
  • State – PRO


You can’t ignore a powerful and convenient file management tool like ES File Explorer PRO. Download this app now to delete the worry about finding downloaded files or full device’s memory.

Download ES File Explorer MOD APK (VIP/ Premium )

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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