Equalizer Sound & Bass Booster
Equalizer Sound & Bass Booster

Equalizer Sound & Bass Booster MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 34d

Powerful Equalizer app for Android. Works with all Music and Video players.

App NameEqualizer Sound & Bass Booster
Publisher TarrySoft
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About Equalizer Sound & Bass Booster

The audio quality of your preferred music can be significantly improved with the help of the Equalizer Sound & Bass Booster app, which is available for smartphones running the Android operating system. This program is an all-in-one bass booster and sound enhancer, and it provides fantastic sound quality, which brings a new level to the experience of listening to music. This app will satisfy your cravings for great sound, whether you’re a music lover or an audiophile. It was developed with both audiences in mind.

Fantastic Music Equalizer

The application includes a robust volume booster feature and a straightforward equalization and bass booster that are both user-friendly and reflect Google’s material design aesthetic. Because the equalizer, bass boost, and virtualizer can all be controlled independently, you do not have to activate the balance to activate the bass boost. You have complete control over the volume as well as the frequency range thanks to the excellent music equalizer that is included.

Enhanced Sound and Bass Volume with a Powerful Amplifier

This software lets you listen to the best songs in your music collection on Android devices using the best sound booster and bass booster app available. It is recommended that you use this software in conjunction with the headphones you have available. If you listen to music on a Bluetooth speaker, Music Equalizer is also an excellent way to increase the speaker’s sound quality. You will experience a whole new degree of satisfaction from listening to music due to its potent bass and good enhancer.

Enhancer of Sound with Numerous Useful Features

Equalizer Sound & Bass Booster comes equipped with several features, some of which are a five-band equalizer, amp, bass boost, 3D virtualizer, slider volume, and audio control. The application includes ten default settings: Normal, Classic, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, and Rock. You can save your own preset and then use it whenever you choose.

Simple in both its installation and its operation

The Equalizer Sound & Bass Booster method is straightforward to use. Start playing your music after turning on the Music player, then launch the app application to adjust the sound volume and frequency. Put on some headphones to get the most out of the experience, and if you want to quit the program, open it up first and then turn off the effects.

Be Very Cautious When Using the Loudness Enhancer

Due to the tremendous increase in volume that our sound enhancer and book booster provides, you must use it with extreme caution. The application offers a media audio controller, a bass booster for headphones, a volume booster, a loudness enhancer, a 3D virtualizer effect, and a loudness booster. In addition to being compatible with all of the most common music and video players on the market, it also has circular music beat bars and a video volume booster.

Everything You Could Ever Want to Know About the Equalizer

Equalizer sound booster, music EQ, Sonido, music booster, and a sound generator are the tools that the app uses to enhance the quality of the sound effects. This application improves the excellent quality of your Android device and includes a feature that boosts your phone’s volume to produce the loudest possible sound.

Simple and Easy to Understand and Use

The Google material design aesthetic was used to develop Equalizer Sound & Bass Booster with Volume Booster, which keeps the app’s interface uncomplicated and intuitive. Without turning on the equalizer, you can individually and easily control the bass boost, the virtualizer, and the balance. If you want the best results and sound quality, pairing this app with headphones is the way to go. If you listen to music over Bluetooth regularly, you will find that this speaker booster is an excellent purchase.

Controller Efficient Of The Sound

This program offers a high-quality equalizer that can raise the bass level using an equalizer booster known as sonido. This audio equalizer will function as a sound generator, music diffuser, and good booster, all for the sole purpose of producing sound of exceptional quality. Music loudness EQ provides unparalleled sound quality by enhancing and balancing the sound. Additionally, high-quality music may be played on any audio player, and this application is compatible with all standard music and video players.

Principal Attributes

Equalizer Sound & Bass Booster is a bass booster and proper adjustment application that is both simple and quick to use, and it gives users access to the highest possible sound quality. This app’s most important features include the ability to control multimedia audio, a bass booster for headphones, a bass booster for speaker booster, a 3D virtualization effect, and multimedia audio control that is both easy and simple to use. Using this application, you can improve the loudness of the music and alter the volume level and frequency of the sound on your phone.


In conclusion, for music enthusiasts who want to get the most out of their listening experience, the Equalizer Sound & Bass Booster app is an absolute necessity. This application provides excellent music equalization, a potent bass and sound booster, a good enhancer with outstanding features, straightforward installation and use, and an efficient sound regulator. Through this application, you will be able to enhance the sound quality of your Android device, boost the volume of the sounds you play, and make it simpler to use an amplifier for music. Equalizer Sound & Bass Booster has got you covered whether you’re listening to music through headphones or through a speaker that’s connected via Bluetooth.

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