Eleria APK for Android - Linekong Holdings' new 3D role-playing game

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Eleria is an exciting new action RPG recently released by Linekong Holdings. This game has currently been released on Google Play for Android devices. Here are the highlights of this Eleria game and download instructions for your reference.

Eleria 1

Eleria- Linekong Holdings’ new 3D role-playing game

In terms of context, Eleria creates an open world completely different from our present life. Here, mankind is in a state of panic because of the raging virus and resource exhaustion. At this time, the Thorn family made a Shadow God deal at the Thorn Tower to give humanity access to space and find the resources needed. However, the conflict between humanity and the Shadow God has taken place, the war between the dark warriors and human beings began.

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Involved in the game, the player will play a warrior, began journey adventure with the war for mankind. Using more than 50 skill cards to create over 100 different skills, players can freely create their own matches. The tactical element holds the important part in the game Eleria.

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Eleria has very sharp 3D graphics. Light effects, shadows, etc., along with detailed rendering of characters and monsters are also highly appreciated by players in this game. For added vibrancy, the game incorporates background music along with sound effects.

Download Eleria APK

Eleria is a great choice if you love the line-up with the open world. You can download the game from the link below to experience it, there will be versions from Google Play and Eleria APK for you to choose.

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