Easy Game – brain test 2.21.1 (MOD Hints/ Ad-free)

Easy Game – brain test
Updated September 23, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
Publisher Easybrain
Require Android5.0 and up
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Easy Game helps you test your brain and IQ through interesting mini-games. There are more than a thousand puzzles equivalent to many challenging levels waiting for you in this game. Are you ready to conquer all of them?

What is EasyGame?

Easy Game is a mobile game that helps players test their IQ by playing lots of interesting mini-games. The puzzles are sorted by increasing difficulty. You can conquer more than a thousand different puzzles in this game of all topics, including puzzles, tricks, logic, jigsaw puzzles, sudoku, etc.

Don’t let the name of this game fool you. It has a lot of different interesting puzzles to test your brain. The first levels of the game are very easy to complete. But as you unlock new levels, it’s definitely fun challenge for your brain.

Easy Game offers puzzles with illustrations, objects, and facts. Then you need to correctly answer it by concatenating facts or applying some action to the object. The next level is unlocked only when you answer the previous one correctly. The special feature of the game is that all questions have completely independent nuances. You complete puzzles one by one to unlock new levels. There are some puzzles that look easy but contain important hints; If you don’t spot them, you’ll probably get the wrong answer.

Easy Game mod apk download

Test your IQ

Think you’re smart enough to solve all the easy puzzles in Easy Game? Try it now. The tests in the game are not stupid questions as they seem. They can confuse you with facts that trick your brain. Every ten levels you unlock a new stage. It brings puzzles of higher difficulty.

Think you’re smart enough to solve all the easy puzzles in Easy Game? Try it now. The tests in the game are not stupid questions as they seem. They can confuse you with facts that trick your brain. Every ten levels you unlock a new stage. It brings puzzles with higher difficulty.

There are a series of original quizzes to test your abilities. The game will be based on the time you complete the levels to evaluate your ability. Then it will automatically classify players into different levels. The puzzles for each specific level have different difficulties.

Conquer the challenges

What I like about this game is the variety of puzzle types. You never know what challenge awaits you in the next level. Challenges can be matching pictures, choosing objects, logic, or anything related to puzzles. Players will always have to be mentally prepared to overcome all those challenges.

Every ten levels you unlock a new stage. The difficulty of the new puzzles is enhanced. It means you need to be more alert and focused to complete them.

Easy Game gameplay

Hints are always available

Are you stuck at a level where the facts are not clear enough for you to find the answer? Don’t worry, the Hints are always available. Each puzzle usually has 3 or 4 different hints. You can use them to get instructions for solving problems.

You can earn extra hints by doing daily quests or watching ads. Daily Challenges offer opportunities to earn extra hints, star points, and unlock special levels. When you collect enough stars on all days of the month, you get a new title.

Free Lessons

When you complete a puzzle, Easy Game displays a message. It provides some information regarding the content of the puzzle. It’s amazing when you complete a puzzle and get a fun lesson for free.

Treasure Hunt Event

Want new brain challenges in Easy Game? Try the Treasure Hunt Event. These events take place for a limited time so you need to complete them before they expire. The game rules are very simple and clear. You must complete puzzles to collect the pieces of a postcard. When all the puzzle pieces are found, you complete the postcard and get the reward.

The puzzles in the Treasure Hunt Event have related content. They combine to create a complete story. They can be a story about a treasure hunt, a strange adventure, a time loop, etc.

MOD APK of Easy Game

With the Easy Game mod that we provide, you can use unlimited Hints. In addition, all ads have been removed.


Easy Game is one of the most fun IQ test and brain test games on Android that we have ever tried. It currently has thousands of puzzles ready to challenge your brain. The in-game puzzle collection is also regularly updated. The attraction of Easy Game comes from the fun of logic puzzles that make players confused and surprised. Sometimes what you see is not the answer to the puzzle. There are hidden facts somewhere in the objects that you need to find to give the correct answer.

In the end, this is what you will get when you enjoy this game:

  • Challenge your brain and IQ with over 1000 fun puzzles
  • Helps you practice thinking and puzzle skills
  • Conquer saints to gain titles
  • Better handling of information
  • Train concentration, and patience and enhance reflexes.
  • Relax with soothing music

Download Easy Game – brain test 2.21.1 (MOD Hints/ Ad-free)

Download (91M)


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  • Easy Game - brain test requires Android 5.0 and up, 91M of free memory.
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