Earth 3D – World Atlas
Earth 3D – World Atlas

Earth 3D - World Atlas MOD APK (Full Version Unlocked) 8.1.0

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App NameEarth 3D - World Atlas
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About Earth 3D – World Atlas

The Earth 3D – World Atlas is an interactive 3D globe that allows users to uncover amazing facts and helpful information about our world. This software is a must-have for everyone interested in traveling worldwide since it features an innovative and colorful design. This interface is easy to use and provides reliable information.


The application includes various features that set it apart from other global Atlas apps available on mobile devices. A relief model of the Earth, world political and physical maps, a day/night cycle with city lights, time zones, over 2,600 geographic objects, over 500 wonders of the world, over 2,100 photos, Human World add-on, Animal World add-on, Plant World add-on, Sky Map add-on, a complete description of any object or point on the surface, 15x zoom, global weather, and demo mode with an original music track are some of the features that are included. In addition, new data is constantly being uploaded, making the application even more thorough and up-to-date than it already was.

A Virtual Environment Comprised of Photorealistic 3D Images

Earth 3D is comparable to a little sphere that may be moved around, rotated, and clicked on in any direction to obtain information about specific locations. The app offers extremely varied material, including topics such as history, culture, animals, and established civilizations. When users select a particular place, they are allowed to acquire information in the form of photos or text that is comprehensive and accurate. The upgrade brings a new user interface and several fresh location updates, all contributing to the app’s growing notoriety and popularity.

On the Screen, a Map of the World

The primary Earth 3D screen contains all of the currently available information. By spinning the globe, users can see and explore the world freely. Beautiful 3D graphics techniques are utilized in the program, which allows for a very realistic virtual area to be provided to users. The submitted content has been checked to ensure its accuracy and is guaranteed to be delivered in the shortest possible time. By doing an application review, any errors that may be found can be sent to the system for further investigation. Above the location of each destination, several graphics will be highlighted that describe the material being presented. The application offers a total of 2,100 images in addition to information about the sites.

Choose Any Material to Investigate

Users can apply the knowledge they wish to acquire by selecting from a wide selection of content, including topics such as culture, history, or animal development. To get the system operational, the user will choose the correct option on the board and then click the start button. You may learn important information about the location from the picture that floats in front of it. This is the most efficient and effective method for gaining knowledge and discovering facts.

You Can Find Out Information by Going Anywhere on the Map

Not only may users of Earth 3D stop to observe, but they can also navigate to any position on the map and view an actual photograph of that specific site. You may explore the space you desire with more than 2,600 destinations, just as you would on a short vacation. You will be supplied with a document that has a thorough explanation of everything that was taken on the camera, and you may read the information while looking at the photographs that have been provided. In the future, places that are not fully illuminated or do not include any conspicuous visuals will be referred to as undisclosed locations. We will soon improve them so that your journey will be flawless.

Take a look at what’s going on in other parts of the world

Earth 3D allows its viewers to go to less developed, underdeveloped, or even developed nations to understand better what is occurring in such areas. The most lifelike images that can be provided will show how the local people and animals live their lives. These photographs will be made available to customers. Going to any of the more than 500 wonders of the globe offers the chance to take in new experiences and learn valuable life lessons. Everything is depicted in such excellent three-dimensionality that it gives the impression that it is one-of-a-kind and engaging. It just takes a few seconds for the information to be processed, and then it only takes a few more seconds to reach its destination.

Finish Your Vacation with Some Unforgettable Memories

The information that Earth 3D gives is exhaustive and precise for every site depicted on the map. This is an app for learning and exploration that anybody of any mentality can use. Users can improve their knowledge and search for info from any location directly within the program. You will get excitement from the interface since it is so vivid and straightforward. The most stunning 3D graphics technology creates each image and effect. Shortly, you will have access to new information regarding different destinations.

Principal Attributes

One of the most appealing aspects of Earth 3D is that it allows users to see all the activity that is happening on the globe directly on their phones, in addition to allowing them to view historic structures and creatures that have been preserved. The user may switch between modes in a matter of seconds by working on the menu and clicking start to activate the system. Going anyplace is as simple as making a few taps on the screen. The app also allows users to quickly discover material associated with culture, geography, well-known structures, or animals being reared all over the world. In addition, customers can acquire additional offers on updated occasions owing to the rating recognition built into the system, the addition of other places, and the ability to search for their preferred location. In conclusion, the app presents information to users in photographs with accompanying text when they click on a site or content they want to learn more about.


The Earth 3D app is a fantastic globe atlas that provides its users with factual information about the world while presenting them with a virtual area with realistic 3D images. Users can investigate and learn about various subjects, such as history, culture, wildlife, and sophisticated civilizations. Earth 3D is the ideal software for everyone who wants to have a comprehensive understanding of the globe because it contains more than 2,600 locations and 500 marvels of the world. Thus, go ahead and download Earth 3D right now to get your trip around the world started!

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