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Introducing Earn to Die 3- Best Adventure Racing Game

Earn to Die is a very exciting racing car racing game developed by Not Doppler, which is favorite all over the world. Before, Not Doppler has released two versions of Earn to Die and achieving great success. And recently, they continue to release the version of Earn to Die 3 with new features, new challenges to continue success in this line of racing games. The latest version of Earn to Die 3 was recently released on June 22nd and supports Android platform for free.

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Familiar racing game

In terms of gameplay, the latest version of Earn to Die 3 still has the adventure racing game, kill Zombie as the previous version. Players will be taken to a strange land, where the bloodthirsty zombies stalked everywhere, on the way there are many difficulties. The zombies are smarter and will do whatever is necessary to pursue you down. The player chooses a car and steers it into the zombies, aiming to overcome the challenges posed by the game. The game is not boring, Earn to Die 3 is equipped with many new challenges to attract players.

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Discover new cars

Players will be able to use bonuses after each level to buy new cars with higher capacity, the ability to kill Zombies better. Or players can collect the old cars are forgotten, then upgraded themselves, modified into a new car different. Players need to constantly upgrade their cars to be able to overcome the bloodthirsty Zombie

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New features

  • The zombies are smarter, constantly chasing you
  • New challenges
  • Provide more new locations such as cities, an abandoned iceberg outpost, a murky swamp, and more.
  • Incredible play mode
  • Eye-catching graphics, smooth experience


In terms of graphics, Earn to Die 3 has nothing new compared to the previous version, still be the average 3D graphics, bringing a feeling of the smooth experience. However, the point that Earn to Die 3 attracts players is attractive gameplay rather than graphics. Generally, Earn to Die part 3 is done pretty well, so worth trying. If you like it, you can download the game via the link below for free.

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