Dust & Neon
Dust & Neon

Dust & Neon MOD APK (Patche/ Unlocked) 1.02

A sci-fi Western roguelite

App NameDust & Neon
Publisher Inc.
Size414 M
Require8.0 and up
MOD InfoPatche/ Unlocked
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About Dust & Neon

The genre of Twin-Stick Shooters has made a resounding resurgence across diverse platforms, garnering widespread acclaim. Among the several sought-after titles like Synthetik: Legion Rising, Alienation, and Xeno Crisis, stands a towering presence – Dust & Neon. The game boasts captivating gameplay, bounteous rewards, and a striking aesthetic. Its maker, David Marquardt, a solo artist known for producing stellar apps such as Pull My Tongue, Fluffy, Glitch Dash, and Hexaflip, has outdone himself in crafting this magnificent action-packed adventure.


At the onset of Dust & Neon, the game treats players to a brief exposition. Herein, a scientist named Dr. Finkel takes center stage as he is portrayed to have masterminded the creation of a horde of cloned cowboys utilizing spare body parts. The game’s premise revolves around the player’s mission to quell their proliferation across four designated locations.

The nefarious plot aims to deploy assassins adorned in Stetson hats to carry out the killing spree while Dr. Finkel salvages robot fragments to advance his technological research. Undoubtedly, subduing these foes and thwarting Dr. Finkel’s ambitions will be no small feat. As such, players are advised to arm themselves with weaponry if they hope to emerge victorious in the face of such daunting adversaries.


The gameplay of Dust & Neon immediately provides players with an intuitive experience. The main goal entails searching the landscape for enemies, a gameplay element similar to Weird West’s playstyle. In this game, players can hide behind any accessible items before emerging to shoot anything moving across the screen. Guns use limited ammo, requiring a laborious reloading procedure, heightening stress. Each weapon has a different magazine size. Thus, some need to be regularly refilled, while others may fire off a few more rounds before running out of ammunition.

Players may choose from various weapons in the game, including pistols, revolvers, and rifles, all ready to be unlocked and used in the fight for victory. Between levels, more substantial variations of each handgun are also available for purchase, adding another motivation for advancement. Notably, players can also come across treasure boxes with highly-optimized gear to increase the potency of their arsenal. However, the relatively small and undiversified inventory is a significant challenge, forcing players to plan and arrange their ammo boxes for maximum effectiveness.

Diverse and challenging mission system

The task system in Dust & Neon offers a riveting and engaging experience that necessitates players’ complete dedication and effort. The questline of the game consists of a wide variety of individual tasks that appeal to various playstyles and tastes. The most noteworthy is the train heist task, with players gliding through three parallel trains, wrecking devastation on enemy wagons, robbing them for money, and rapidly moving on to the next.

In contrast, sabotage missions include navigating huge terrain and battling waves of enemies while on the lookout for power plants. Before moving on to the next energy tile, players must carefully destroy two while avoiding incoming assaults. The boss battle is unquestionably the highlight of Dust & Neon’s missions. W. Elder is a perfect example, an oligarch known for trapping players in areas with moving lasers and spiky flooring. The ability to maneuver through these hazardous situations successfully calls for quick thinking and deft dexterity. Players in Dust & Neon must continuously improve their skills to keep up with the growing challenge as each boss battle unlocks ever more complex versions of the encounter.

Many other great features

Players that enjoy shooters will undoubtedly be familiar with the variety of features that Dust & Neon provides. They include primary and character enhancements, permanent weapon unlocks, and several optional but pricey random tools with exciting effects. However, the attention and effort that Dust & Neon’s creators put into building a fascinating and engaging universe truly sets it unique. The game, which was painstakingly researched and masterfully made, outperforms its forerunners by providing a complex and detailed environment full of various mission objectives and difficulties. With each new advancement, Dust & Neon pushes the limits of what is conceivable in the genre, offering players an exhilarating and unique experience.


The traditional Western cowboy motif and cutting-edge mechanical robots are combined in Dust & Neon to create a distinctive and alluring experience. Players will have access to a wide range of abilities, weapons, and cutting-edge gear as they set out to regain the areas these powerful adversaries have taken over. Dust & Neon provides an unrivaled selection of equipment with which to face any opponent, ranging from the most basic guns to the most cutting-edge technological wonders. So buckle up, and prepare for an exhilarating journey with you on the edge of your seat. The options are infinite, and the pleasure is particular with Dust & Neon!

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